Despite some technical issues, the Falmouth Select Board interviewed and appointed numerous members to the town’s various regulatory and advisory committees on Monday, June 15.

Typically held in person, this year’s committee interviews were conducted via Zoom. The board began by interviewing and reappointing members on three regulatory boards: the board of health, conservation commission and zoning board of appeals.

While the membership remains the same, roles on the conservation commission are changing. Previously a full member, Mark Gurnee was reappointed as an alternate member of the commission, while alternate Kevin F. O’Brien was reappointed as a full member. Stephen Patton was also reappointed as a full member of the commission. All three terms expire June 30, 2023.

The change came at Mr. Gurnee’s request.

“My situation is rather uncertain for the next couple of years. It’s a health issue, and I thought it was probably safer to become an alternate,” he said. “I expect to make all the meetings, as I have in the past, except for some block, so an alternate might be a better position for me.”

Mr. O’Brien agreed that he could take over as a full member.

“Obviously, he is familiar with the work the commission is doing, which is great, because he can hit the ground running as a full member,” select board chairwoman Megan E. English Braga said.

Both Kevin Kroeger and Benjamin Van Mooy were reappointed to the board of health for terms ending June 30, 2023. Both applicants praised Health Agent Scott McGann for his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. English Braga noted the pandemic has changed the board’s role these past few months.

“You’re probably longing for the days when it was just complicated septic issues. That seems like a quaint past,” she said.

The select board also reappointed Edwin P. Zylinski II to the zoning board of appeals. The term ends June 30, 2025.

The board interviewed Lee M. Drescher, who serves as an alternate member of the historical commission and is seeking appointment as a full member. She was not appointed a full member, as the commission’s establishing bylaws require one member be an architect.

“We received a communication from the chair of the commission saying they really are desperate to have an architect on because the last person who did resign was an architect,” select board member Douglas H. Jones said. “According to the charter, we are supposed to request from the architect commissions in town, nominees, and if we can’t get anybody in 30 days, we can appoint anybody we want.”

Ms. English Braga said the town will advertise for the position, seeking an architect. Ms. Drescher will continue in her role as an alternate member.

“We’ll have to advertise to see if somebody is willing, from one of those architectural firms, to come on board, and if not, you would be appointed for that full position going forward,” Ms. English Braga said.

Several new committee members were appointed on Monday night. The board appointed Susan O’Brien to the affirmative action committee, Maro Titus to the commission on substance use, Cathy R. Rozynek and Lance Norris to the cultural council, Jean-Pierre Riu to the Edward Marks Building advisory committee, Robert Pacheco to the golf advisory committee and Stephen D. Rafferty to the water quality management committee.

“We don’t need much of an introduction. We certainly know your experience and are thrilled you’re putting in your application for water quality management,” Ms. English Braga said to Mr. Rafferty.

The board also reappointed a number of members to nonregulatory boards.

Reappointments include Pamela Harting-Barrat to the affordable housing committee; Amy Vickers, Heidi Walz and Jane Vose to the agricultural commission; Paul Miskovsky to the beach committee; Scott Lindell, Benjamin Harden, Christopher McGuire, Edward Rowan and Pamela Rothstein to the bicycle and pedestrian committee; Donald Devaney to the building code board of appeals; Samuel H. Patterson to the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority; Frances Dupuis to the commission on disabilities; Kath Schilling and Samantha Bauer to the commission on substance use; Russell Robbins and Paul Glynn to the community preservation committee; Thomas Zine as constable; Christopher Land and Michael Galasso to the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation; Alessandra Bocconcelli and Matthew Patrick to the energy committee; and Barbara Dixon and Christopher Inoue to the golf advisory committee.

Also, Christian Valle to the historical commission; Lawrence Langler to the human services committee; Lori Dillon, Sandra Cuny and Scott Ghelfi to the recreation committee; Daniel Ward, David Heffernan and David Bailey to the shellfish advisory committee; Alan Robinson, Christopher Polloni, Marc Finneran and Ruth Brazier to the solid waste advisory committee; Robert S.C. Munier to the Steamship Authority Port Council; Kevin Casey, Robert Foos and Randy Collette to the veterans council committee; Eric Turkington and Matthew Charette to the water quality management committee; and Jeffrey Thomas and E. Kevin King to the waterways committee. All these appointments were uncontested.

The board also reappointed Linda DeVito, Paul DeVito, Ted Freeman, Jennifer Quinn and Edward Bousfield of Cape Cod Aggregates as certified weighers. Charles Pires, Kruser Keller, Stephen Parsons, Steven Devonis, Cory Melemed and Ronald MacLaughlin of the Wastewater Treatment Facility were also reappointed as certified weighers.

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