Falmouth Hospital Contamination

Falmouth Fire and Rescue and police deal with a possible contamination at Falmouth Hospital on January 6.

The Falmouth Hospital emergency room was closed Thursday, January 6, after several people were exposed to what is believed to be fentanyl, and a HAZMAT team was called in.

Just after 1 PM police officers and medics were called to the hospital for a man who appeared to be intoxicated on drugs and needed treatment. First responders brought him into the emergency room, Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas DeCosta said.

During the interaction with the man, police said the first responders and hospital staff were exposed to fentanyl, which was found on the man.

The medics, officers and hospital staff were treated for the exposure.

Falmouth Fire Chief Timothy Smith put the emergency room on diversion—meaning patients are temporarily be sent elsewhere for care—so all requirements will be met, said Patrick Kane, spokesman for Cape Cod Healthcare, in a statement.

“We are coordinating with the towns, Cape Cod Hospital, and others to ensure all patients will be provided with care until we get clearance at Falmouth ER. This is an ongoing situation, and we will provide updates when the diversion is lifted,” Mr. Kane said.

The man is also being treated, police said. The department has not identified the substance as fentanyl, but said they found a white powdery substance.

“Once we identify the substance, we will determine if charges are warranted,” Lt. DeCosta said. Officers found the same white powdery substance near a bench on the hospital campus where the subject was sitting.

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