farmers market

A map with vendors for the Farmers Market. Note that the entrance is to the right, with marked lanes once inside.

Falmouth Farmers Market opens for the season on Thursday, May 28. Hours are noon to 6 PM. The market will take place at Bigelow Marine Park as usual, but it will look very different. For everyone’s safety, there are new rules. They may change as the experience with COVID-19 evolves, so attendees should look out for signs and directions.

The rules:

  • Everyone must wear a mask. (Vendors must also wear gloves.)
  • One shopper per family. No dogs.
  • There will be one entrance and two exits. Signs will direct the way through the market. Entrance will be at the green Market Tent.
  • For vendor locations, consult map. Copies will be available at the green Market Tent.
  • Everyone must maintain social distance—six feet apart. Each vendor will have properly spaced waiting spots marked.
  • Check with each vendor before touching any produce.
  • No eating will be allowed at the market. Prepared food for takeout will be available by the exits.
  • Use cashless payments if vendors accept them. To pay by cash, bring lots of small bills. Prices may be rounded to the nearest dollar to avoid making change. Payment may also be made by check.
  • SNAP and WIC customers should ask about bonus program benefits at the green Market Tent.
  • Wash hands and use the bathroom before leaving home.
  • Be respectful and kind.

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