Superintendent of Schools Lori S. Duerr presented the School Superintendents Academic Excellence Award to Falmouth High School senior Siobhan C. Morris during the Tuesday, October 13, meeting of the school committee.

The award, created by the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, is presented at the beginning of the student’s senior year so as not to compete with the large number of traditional graduation awards given in the spring, and so that the recipient may use receipt of the award in a college admission portfolio.

“The winner of this year’s award goes to a young woman who has been in honors and advanced placement classes since her freshman year and has been involved in multiple music ensembles across southeastern Massachusetts,” Dr. Duerr said.

Dr. Duerr noted that Siobhan has been an ambassador for Project 351, an organization that provides “high-quality, enriching community service across the state.”

Additionally, Dr. Duerr noted that Siobhan had been presented with the 2019 No Guff Award, for which a student is chosen by peers to recognize respect, positivity, community, and unity.

“This is one of her greatest achievements, in my opinion,” Dr. Duerr said of the No Guff Award. “She exhibits these qualities daily in her school and personal life.”

Siobhan was present by Zoom call to receive the award. When Dr. Duerr asked her about her plans for college, Siobhan said she plans to study astrophysics and dance, and work with a nonprofit organization on the side.

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