Bank Of America Lot

The parking lot behind the Bank Of America building,just off Main Street 

The Town of Falmouth plans to lease or purchase two parcels, one on Main Street and another on Worcester Court, for municipal parking.

“We have a challenge to provide adequate amounts of off-street parking, particularly in our busiest seasons, and we have a very limited opportunity to acquire available parcels to maximize providing that municipal parking service,” Town Manager Julian M. Suso said.

At the November Town Meeting, the Falmouth Board of Selectmen will seek authorization to lease, purchase or take by eminent domain 0.49 acres of land at 84 Main Street and 0.95 acres at the corner of Worcester Court and Spring Bars Road.

The building at 84 Main Street was until last week occupied by Bank of America.

“It is an L-shaped parcel they own, and it specifically is the rear portion of the parcel currently used for parking spaces along Katharine Lee Bates Roads, but it is not often used,” Mr. Suso said. “It would be advantageous for the town to use it as a general public lot, similar to the lot at town hall.”

The town has contacted Bank of America about purchasing the rear portion of the parcel.

“Right now, they are just putting the entire parcel up for sale,” Mr. Suso said. “They do not want to separate it.”

Town Meeting authorization would enable the town to negotiate with either Bank of America or whoever it sells the land to.

The parcel at the intersection of Spring Bars Road and Worcester Court is a paved lot.

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“It has not been in active commercial use for a number of years,” Mr. Suso said, noting the town has contacted the landowner regarding purchasing or leasing the land.

If the town were to purchase or lease either parcel, improvements would be necessary prior to use as a public parking lot.

“We would anticipate enhancing the conditions of both those properties,” Mr. Suso said, including the installation of new signage at the lots.

Should the town purchase or lease the lots, administration aims to connect them to public transportation.

“We’re also looking at making those available for parking for peak season purposes, and will work with the Cape Cod RTA for shuttle bus connections at the spots,” Mr. Suso said, with busing to the town center, Woods Hole and public beaches.

Though both Town Meeting articles reference eminent domain, Mr. Suso said, the town does not intend to take either parcel via eminent domain.

“That is just standard wording town counsel puts in any article related to the lease or purchase of land,” Mr. Suso said. “We are not advocating eminent domain.”

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