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Falmouth Police arrested Joseph C. Goodman of Falmouth following an incident at the New England For Trump trailer in North Falmouth last summer. This story was among the most-read stories on during the past year. 

Falmouth police allege a Falmouth man exposed himself to employees and customers at the New England for Trump trailer on Saturday, July 18.

Police arrested Joseph C. Goodman, 77, of Chase Road for open and gross lewdness, assault with a dangerous weapon, simple assault and battery, malicious destruction of property under $1,200, disturbing the peace and threatening to commit a crime.

Police responded to the trailer at 634 North Falmouth Highway in North Falmouth after an employee reported “a male party in a black KIA trying to run people down and swearing,” Officer Julia E. Massi wrote in her report.

An employee at the New England for Trump trailer said Mr. Goodman drove by while repeatedly blaring his horn. Officer Massi’s report states Mr. Goodman would blow his horn, hold up his middle finger and shout obscenities at those present.

The employee said the incident escalated when Mr. Goodman exited his vehicle and got into a physical confrontation with the plaza’s landscaper, with both men shoving and punching each other. He also told police that Mr. Goodman “dropped his pants.”

“He got out of the vehicle, he walked in front of the vendor, he dropped his pants, he dropped his undergarments and exposed himself to the two women who were standing here,” the employee said, adding that Mr. Goodman instructed them to engage in a lewd act.

A video of the incident was shared with the Falmouth Police Department.

“Mr. Goodman then pulled his vehicle so close to the trailer that [redacted] thought he was going to hit it,” Officer Massi wrote. “Mr. Goodman then exited his vehicle and pulled his pants down. Mr. Goodman then began yelling at [redacted], swung a fist at [redacted] multiple times and spit in [redacted] face while screaming that he has COVID.”

Police were able to identify Mr. Goodman from his license plate. They went to his home on Chase Road and, when asked, Officer Massi wrote, he “denied anything occurring in North Falmouth.”

When informed of the video, Officer Massi wrote, “Mr. Goodman then became extremely irate and [insulting]. Mr. Goodman was screaming obscenities and accusing [redacted] of hitting him in the face three times. Mr. Goodman went on to assume we were Trump supporters and began calling us fascists.”

When police arrested Mr. Goodman, Officer Massi’s report states, he began screaming, saying he hoped the officers would die and their children would get cancer and die.

“While en route to the Falmouth Police Station for booking, Mr. Goodman called me a slut, called me stupid and asked if my IQ was 60 and if I make $30,000 a year,” she wrote. “The rest of the ride, Mr. Goodman laughed and stated that we were all going to ‘get it.’”

During questioning, Officer Massi wrote, Mr. Goodman “stated that he was going to kill Trump and shove a metal pole up his [expletive].” Officer Massi wrote this statement was followed by Mr. Goodman shouting, “I can’t wait for the revolution, we’ll see who is laying in a pool of blood.”

Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas M. DeCosta said the US Secret Service was notified about the threat on President Donald J. Trump’s life.

Mr. Goodman was released on bail at 11:30 PM. Police reports indicated he is scheduled for a September 15 court appearance.

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There are crazy people of all different political persuasions. They need help. And people need protection from crazies when they're threatening or hurting them.


Could possibly be diagnosed as a case of "Trump derangement syndrome".


Among other things. Likely terminal.

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