Upper Cape Tech Sign Accident

A single rose was among the memorial items left at the scene of Saturday’s deadly crash in front of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School.

A man from Falmouth has died in the aftermath of a fiery car crash Saturday, February 15 in front of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School on Sandwich Road in Bourne. The man, identified as Chase R. Soares, 23, was driving the car.

A passenger in the car, Mr. Soares’ older brother, Scott Soares, 28, also from Falmouth, is expected to recover from serious injuries.

Bourne police responded to the crash at about 3:22 AM Saturday, February 15. When they arrived, officers found the black 2011 Mercedes-Benz sedan fully engulfed in flames.

Bourne Fatal Crash

Emergency crews work Saturday’s crash scene on Sandwich Road.

Tire tracks at the scene show the car appeared to have been headed toward the Bourne Bridge when it veered off the left side of the road and struck the sign in front of Upper Cape Tech, police said. The first two Bourne officers to arrive at the scene knew the driver was trapped inside.

“Officers pried open the driver’s door and, using fire extinguishers, were able to knock down the flames just enough to extricate the operator,” police said.

The officers then noticed Scott Soares in the front passenger seat. After removing him from the car, officers confirmed there were no other occupants in the vehicle.

Bourne Fire/Rescue Department arrived at the scene, and firefighters finished putting out the fire. With the assistance of the Sandwich Fire/Rescue Department, they treated the two men, who were transported to area hospitals.

Bourne Police Sergeant John R. Stowe Jr. said that Scott Soares was taken to Falmouth Hospital. Chase Soares was first taken to Tobey Hospital and later transported to the trauma center at Rhode Island Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries, the sergeant said.

Sgt. Stowe said the accident remains under investigation.

The impact of the crash destroyed UCT’s stone and metal sign at the bottom of the driveway leading from Sandwich Road up to the school.

Upper Cape Tech Superintendent Robert A. Dutch said that the school does plan to rebuild the sign. Completed last May, the sign was made primarily of granite, which encased an LED screen that displayed school messages.

The granite was engraved with the school’s name and motto, “Your Bridge to the Future, Your Gateway to Success.” A metal replica of a bridge adorned the top of the structure.

“The plan is to make a replica of what we had there,” Mr. Dutch said, “We had a lot of positive feedback on the sign, so we’d like to make it very similar, if not exactly the same.”

Throughout the week, family and friends have stopped by the crash site and left flowers, candles, and other remembrances in dedication to the brothers. Two sets of rosaries have been draped on a shattered cross beam, and a small sign bearing the word “Friends” sits perched upon a piece of concrete.

Upper Cape Tech Sign Accident

Only rubble remains of the Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School sign following the deadly crash. 

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