Christine N. Kircun of Sidewinder Drive, East Falmouth, has filed a petition article for Fall Town Meeting calling for a bylaw that would prohibit the sale of “water or any other beverage in single-use plastic bottles of any size.” Ms. Kircun collected 22 signatures in support of her petition article. The ban would also prohibit the sale of any beverage in single-use plastic containers on town property.

“Plastic bottles are a by-product of the fossil fuel industry; they do not biodegrade and can last forever,” Ms. Kircun wrote in her explanation. “Their production emits toxic waste into the air, and chemicals from the plastics can leach into our beverages. After plastics are discarded, they pollute the air via incineration, contaminate groundwater through landfills, as well as harm to our oceans, beaches, roadways, and wildlife.”

Although plastic bottles are recyclable, her argument notes that recycling does not reduce humanity’s reliance on plastics.

Petition articles for the November Town Meeting are due by 4:30 PM on Friday, September 6. These articles require signatures from at least 10 registered Falmouth voters.

The Falmouth Board of Selectmen will vote on articles and execute the warrant at its Monday, September 16, meeting.

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what would they use, all containers are made from something using fossil fuel, put a nickle money back on each one, 10 cents for the bigger ones would be a smarter and easy thing to get pushed through first.Watch how fast they get picked up.


We always used returnable glass bottles in past years. Whether they are more environmentally friendly (initial processing costs) than plastic, I don't know, but they are certainly more renewable. I think it's time to look at doing something about plastic, given how the oceans are being trashed.

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