Memorial Day Weekend

Beachgoers enjoy the sun and sand at Old Silver Beach last Memorial Day weekend. This year, the town is looking to extend the number of hours Falmouth beaches are staffed.

During the Monday, April 26, Falmouth Beach Committee meeting, acting Beach Superintendent Margaret Clayton announced plans to extend hours at two designated parking lots for the summer season.

The decision was made after a request from the town manager’s office to fill positions to manage lots for additional hours, due to the success of last year’s pilot program that saw a one-hour extension at the Chapoquoit Beach and Old Silver Beach lots. Decisions have also been made to change hours at all Falmouth beaches.

“Now across the board, all 10 beaches parking attendant staff will match lifeguard hours from 8:30 AM to 5 PM,” Ms. Clayton said.

This decision was agreed upon prior to the beach committee meeting. Ms. Clayton stated the current push is for the monitoring of additional hours at the two aforementioned beach parking lots.

“This new push is for the Old Silver residents lot and the Chapoquoit Beach parking lot to be monitored for an additional 2½ hours to help keep order with the sunset crowd,” Ms. Clayton said.

The department is currently in the process of hiring staff needed to keep lots open during the proposed extended hours. Once final decisions are made, the public will be notified of the changes.

Ms. Clayton detailed specifics that need to be finalized before proceeding with the hiring and scheduling process. These details include the continued closure of the Old Silver bathrooms at 5 PM. Coordination between the beach department and the beach maintenance laborers will also take place in order to determine the proper timing for trash runs. The nonresident lot at Old Silver Beach will not be monitored during the extended hours, leaving 300 parking spaces available to tourists and nonresidents of Falmouth.

“The purpose of this program is not to generate revenue for the town,” Ms. Clayton said. “The primary purpose of the change is to afford better access to residents for sunset.”

Further information regarding the proposed extension hours will also be distributed by the beach department in its beach management plan in May, prior to Memorial Day.

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