A federal jury cleared Falmouth Patrol Office Ryan Moore of using excessive force during a traffic stop in 2014.

At approximately 11:30 PM on September 9, 2014, Officer Moore pulled over Carli A. Taylor after observing her swerve to avoid hitting two bicyclists on Route 28. According to court documents, when asked to step out of the car to perform a field sobriety test, Ms. Taylor said she would prefer to wait for backup to arrive.

Court documents indicate Officer Moore requested backup. While waiting for backup, he pulled Ms. Taylor from the car, held her on the ground with a “full body mount” by pressing his knee into her back and used his Taser.

Following the incident, Ms. Taylor went to Falmouth Hospital, where a CAT scan showed evidence of head trauma.

After hearing testimony from 10 witnesses, the jury ruled Officer Moore did not use excessive force. According to court documents, Officer Moore had the right, as a matter of course, to ask Ms. Taylor to exit her vehicle following the legal traffic stop. When she refused, he had the right to use “reasonable physical force to remove her.”

“By her own account, Taylor was given multiple chances to comply with Moore’s commands, and the amount of force used was proportionate,” Chief United States District Judge Patti B. Sears wrote in her report.

Officer Moore was one of two Falmouth Police Officers shot when responding to a disturbance in East Falmouth in July 2018.

The town has prepared a letter of retirement request, which was sent to the Massachusetts Legislature. The letter will petition the state to allow for an early retirement for the two officers, given the violent circumstances surrounding their injuries.

Following their injuries, Officers DeMiranda and Moore were named the Falmouth Police Officers of the Year for 2018. They were also presented with the Medal of Honor, the department’s highest award at the Falmouth Police Department Award, Recognition and Swearing-in Ceremony on February 5.

They were also honored as “Top Cops” by the National Association of Police Organizations at the 26th annual Top Cops Award Dinner held in Washington DC on May 12.

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This might be one of the reasons why it's difficult to attract recruits to the police service.

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