Thursday, December 19

10:11 AM: Falmouth police responded to the intersection of Sandwich Road and Brick Kiln Road where a man was unconscious in his car. The car was stopped in the middle of the road. The assistant director of the Marine & Environmental Services Department was on hand, attempting to awaken the man. Upon arrival, officers found the man was alert and conscious, standing outside the car. The fire department responded and evaluated the man. During the evaluation, police found a small amount of marijuana and two bags with psilocybin mushrooms in his jacket. Police also discovered fentanyl patches in the car. The patches had been prescribed to him. Police found the man was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and likely suffered from a medical event. He will be summoned to court for possession of the mushrooms.

12:14 AM: Officers responded to a Woods Hole Road residence to locate a woman wanted by the Falmouth District Court on a Section 35 warrant of apprehension. A court petitioner believed the woman was a threat to herself and others, due to her alcohol addiction. Police located the woman, took her into custody and transported her to the court for an evaluation.

Friday, December 20

8:22 AM: Police responded to a Locust Street sober house, where a woman had overdosed. She was transported to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

9:46 AM: An elderly man called a service agency, and sounded confused. An officer checked his welfare and determined he needed medical care. A neighbor volunteered to help and transported the man to the hospital.

12:39 PM: An officer attempted to stop a car on Sandwich Road. The driver began to pass other cars, ran a stop sign, and pulled into a driveway on Teaticket Highway. The driver left the car and fled on foot. A foot pursuit ensued. Police caught up to the suspect and placed him under arrest. Police arrested Craig L. Butler Jr., 29, of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, for possession to distribute a Class A drug, speeding, failing to stop for police, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, failure to stop or yield, operation of a motor vehicle with a revoked or suspended license, a marked lanes violation, carrying a dangerous weapon, operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked registration, driving an uninsured motor vehicle and on an outstanding arrest warrant. When arrested, Mr. Butler was in possession of fentanyl and a knife, police reported.

1:39 PM: Police responded to Walmart, where they arrested Stephen W. Silva, 63, of Hyannis for shoplifting by concealing merchandise (second offense).

6:14 PM: Both police and fire personnel responded to a Carriage Shop Road residence following a reported overdose. Medics treated the 41-year-old victim, who was transported to Falmouth Hospital for additional treatment.

7:57 PM: A 14-year-old disabled teenager reported that an older man made inappropriate comments to him in the restroom of a Main Street restaurant. The suspect was intoxicated and impaired from alcohol consumption. The suspect will be summoned to court for annoying and accosting a person.

8:02 PM: Police responded to a Vineyard Gate residence to locate a man with an active probation warrant. Upon arrival, they witnessed a car drive away from the home. Police stopped the car and found the man in the passenger seat. Police arrested Theodore C. Brown, 20, of Taunton on this outstanding warrant without issue.

11:33 PM: Police stopped a car near the intersection of Dillingham Avenue and Rose Morin Lane because it was uninsured and its license revoked. There were three passengers inside. One passenger gave police a false name. Police eventually discovered her identification and determined she had an outstanding warrant. Police arrested Lauren D. Fermino, 29, of Meetinghouse Road, Mashpee, on an outstanding warrant and for furnishing false identification information to law enforcement. During the stop, police observed a bag of a white powdery substance near the feet of another passenger. Police arrested Joseph Bump, 39, of Corte Real Avenue, Falmouth, for possession of a Class A drug, believed to be fentanyl. The driver will be summoned to court for various traffic offenses and illegal possession of Suboxone and Gabapentin. She was transported to the police station to make arrangements for a ride.

Saturday, December 21

2:13 AM: Police responded to a Walker Street residence following a report of an unwanted guest. Upon arrival, police arrested Jason J. Smith, 50, of Andover on an outstanding warrant out of Boston District Court.

6:25 PM: At the request of the Boston Police Department, officers checked various addresses for a 17-year-old runaway who had fled from a relative’s house in Boston. Her grandmother in Falmouth has legal custody. The teenager was located at a friend’s house in East Falmouth.

7:06 PM: An officer stopped a car on Sandwich Road because it was uninsured, and its registration was revoked. The driver also had a suspended license. The car was towed, and the operator was issued a criminal traffic citation.

9:33 PM: The police and fire departments responded to a West Falmouth house fire. The tenants were reported to be inside. Officers blocked the road while they tended to what turned out to be a furnace fire. It was contained and the gas to the house was shut off.

Sunday, December 22

7:51 PM: Police responded to a crash involving a car and a deer on Route 28 North. The responding officer found the crash occurred just over the town line in Bourne. The deer was dead and the operator who struck it reported minimal damage. He did not want to file an accident report. The driver took possession of the deer, which Massachusetts law permits him to do. The Bourne Police Department was advised that they need not respond.

8:09 PM: An officer came upon a car stopped in the road in Woods Hole. The operator had consumed alcohol and police determined the driver was unable to safely operate the car. The vehicle was towed.

8:41 PM: The police and fire departments responded to an unknown medical issue at a Hatchville residence. A man was found unconscious, not breathing, and purple in an upstairs bedroom. Responding fire personnel administered several doses of Narcan, bringing him back to life. The man initially refused to go to the hospital, until he was advised he had no legal choice in the matter.

9:20 PM: Walmart security reported a man had stolen items from the store, then fled in a car. They advised that man appeared impaired. An officer located the suspected vehicle at a convenience store nearby. The man admitted that he had shoplifted and gave the stolen merchandise to the officer. He was taking Suboxone, but was not believed to be impaired. He will be summoned to court for shoplifting.

9:38 PM: A man called 911 and advised that he needed help. Officers responded to the town center, where they found the man. He was bleeding from a laceration on his head. The fire department responded, treated the subject, and transported him to Falmouth Hospital for additional treatment.

Monday, December 23

2:45 AM: Police responded to an Windward Way following a reported breaking and entering. The victim reported that the incident occurred earlier in the night, while he was at a residence in Waquoit. He reported that electronic equipment was taken from his vehicle. A Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office crime scene technician responded, processed the vehicle for fingerprints and took an item to be processed at the sheriff’s office.

4:30 AM: Police responded to a Spring Bars Road residence to attempt to locate a woman wanted on a warrant issued by the probation department. Police located and arrested Ashley L. Jordan, 26, of Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, without incident. She was transported to Falmouth District Court.

4:08 PM: A caller reported an unwanted guest had returned to her Rosa Lane residence after being served a Notice of Trespass earlier in the day. Officers responded to the house and found the woman still on the property. Police arrested Debbie Tragiannopoulos, 40, of Main Street, Falmouth, for trespassing. After being taken into custody, police released Ms. Tragiannopoulos on personal recognizance. After her release, she refused to leave the police station and began making paranoid statements. Police requested assistance from the fire department. The fire department responded, and transported her to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation.

4:38 PM: Multiple callers reported a multiple car crash on Teaticket Highway near St. Marks Road. Responding officers determined a large pickup truck with a snow plow pulled onto Teaticket Highway, striking an eastbound vehicle. The car suffered moderate damage and was towed from the scene. The snow plow was damaged, making it impossible for the truck to move. Responding tow companies were able to detach the damaged plow from the truck, enabling it to drive from the scene. No injuries were reported.

9:29 PM: Staff from Gosnold Treatment Center reported an overdose inside the facility. The victim was treated and transported to Falmouth Hospital for additional treatment.

Tuesday, December 24

10:41 AM: A man made threats to harm himself. Officers located him at a motel on Lake Shore Drive, and fire/rescue personnel transported him to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

12:26 PM: An officer was attempting to stop a car with the emergency lights and siren activated at the intersection of Palmer Avenue and West Falmouth Highway when another car turned left as the officer was passing and the cars collided. No injuries were reported, but the cruiser was rendered inoperable.

3 PM: A car struck a guardrail at the intersection of Carriage Shop Road and Fresh Pond Road and became lodged on a rock. The operator suffered minor injuries. It took a long time for crews to free the car from the rock.

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