Thursday, June 18

6:19 PM: Police responded to a crash involving two vehicles at the intersection of Route 151 and Old County Road. A driver from one of the vehicles was unresponsive at the scene. A doctor passing by administered first aid, opened his airway, and the subject was able to breathe but was still unresponsive. As fire department medics treated the patient, officers located what appeared to be heroin in the vehicle along with several nip bottles. Medics administered Narcan and the subject awakened. He was transported to Falmouth Hospital with a possible head injury. Traffic was heavy at the time of the crash, but one lane remained open during the incident. The operator, Teague Moore, age 29 of Pocasset, was charged with OUI-Liquor (2nd offense), OUI-Drugs, Reckless Operation and Marked Lanes Violation.

2:41 PM: Officers were dispatched to a King Street home to locate a man wanted on a Section 35 (involuntarily commit for substance abuse) warrant issued from the Falmouth District Court. Officers located the man at the home, placed him in custody, and transported him directly to the court to be evaluated by a court-appointed physician. He also had an active felony warrant that will be addressed if he is not committed.

2:43 PM: An officer driving on Teaticket Highway observed an unattended 4-year-old run through the parking lot of a veterinary clinic and into heavy traffic on Teaticket Highway. The officer was able to stop traffic and grab hold of the child. A nearby witness informed the officer the child resided at a duplex directly behind the clinic. The officer transported the child to the duplex on Beagle Lane and reunited the child with the parents. DCF was notified and will be following up.

Friday, June 19

11:03 PM: Police arrested Colin Nathaniel Vanheynigen, 34, of Framingham for DUI alcohol at the intersection of Oyster Pond Road and Devils Lane. He was also charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and marked lanes violation.

1:46 PM: Officers were dispatched to an Antone Avenue home to serve a mental health committal (Section 12). The man was transported to Falmouth Hospital by officers for an evaluation.

3:47 AM: Police responded to a report of a possible overdose of a resident that was unresponsive. Another resident administered three doses of Narcan. He refused medical transport, therefore he was placed in protective custody (drugs) and transported by fire department medics to Falmouth Hospital.

Saturday, June 20

8:06 PM: A four-car crash was reported at the intersection of Acapesket Road and East Falmouth Highway. One of the cars involved, which was not at fault, fled the scene prior to arrival. Four people from one of the cars were injured. Two were take by ambulance to Falmouth Hospital and two went by car with a relative. The operator of the at-fault vehicle was deemed to be intoxicated. She also sustained injuries and was transported to the emergency room by medics. Two cars were severely damaged and towed from the scene. The third car drove to an East Falmouth residence. The fourth vehicle has yet to be located. Denae Brace, age 37 of North Falmouth was issued a criminal traffic citation for OUI alcohol, negligent operation and marked lanes violation.

10:36 PM: A caller reported a vehicle involved in numerous near-crashes. The vehicle was located on Teaticket Highway and witnessed committing marked lanes violations. The vehicle was stopped and the woman operator was interviewed. She was not intoxicated from either drugs or alcohol. Her windows were dirty and fogged up and there were two younger children in the back seat. The operator explained that she lives in the city and is not used to the winding and dark roads of Cape Cod. She was advised to travel to her hotel as slow as she felt comfortable driving and police followed. She was issued a citation for marked lanes and for lack of car seats for the children.

Sunday, June 21

10:10 AM: At about 8:30 AM cars were double- and triple-parked along Quaker Road waiting for the Old Silver Beach parking lot to open. An officer, and at times two officers, had to be stationed on Quaker Road throughout the day to prevent illegal parking.

1:09 PM: Officers were dispatched to Millstone Street for a car that had struck a fire hydrant. The hydrant was snapped at the base and was placed out of service by the Water Department.

9:10 PM: A man overdosed on Xanax at his Hatchville home. He was transported to the emergency room by the fire department.

Monday, June 22

2:00 AM: The portion of roadway between Spring Bars and Cape Cod Cooperative Bank was shut down while the water department repaired the main water line.

10:28 AM: Christopher M. Nickerson, 45, Marshall Drive, Falmouth reported to police that he was wanted for a probation violation warrant. He was placed under arrest and booked.

8:42 PM: Multiple callers reported a man lying on the fog line on Wishing Moon Hill. He was located and found to be lethargic and kept dozing off. He was placed in protective custody (drugs) and transported to hospital by the fire department.

9:38 PM: A crash was reported at the intersection of Pine Street and County Road. Both vehicles sustained serious damage and had to be towed. Two 11-year-olds and their mother received minor injuries. They were transported to the emergency room by a friend. It was determined that the other vehicle was airborne as it went over the railroad tracks and was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. The operator of that vehicle was issued a citation.

Tuesday, June 23

1:11 PM: Falmouth police arrested Brianna Lynch, 26, of Tattler Circle in Cataumet on drug and shoplifting charges. She was arrested around 1 PM at a business on Teaticket Highway and was charged with shoplifting by tampering with price tag and three charges of possession of Class E. She was placed in a cell to await bail.

Wednesday, June 24

11:38 AM: Officers responded to a business on Main Street in regard to a motor vehicle crash in which a vehicle reportedly struck a building. Upon arrival officers learned that there were no injuries. It was also determined that the building only received minor damage as a result of the impact. The preliminary investigation revealed that the operator may have not fully placed the vehicle in park when she exited it, causing it to roll forward into the building.

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