Thursday, September 9

7:17 PM: Police searched for a missing 14-year-old girl who had left her house the day before after an argument. Officers checked several locations, including her boyfriend’s house. They were unable to locate her; shortly after that dispatch received a call from the mother that she had returned home.

8:06 PM: Officers responded to a drug overdose on Cinroc Circle. The man was revived and transported under protective custody to the hospital. Medics founds a baggie of a white powdery substance in the man’s pocket.

11:26 PM: Police placed Stephen Delaney, 34, of East Falmouth into protective custody (liquor) and arrested Julie Jacobson, 57, of East Falmouth on an outstanding arrest warrant for felony charges. Both were found near the Falmouth Mall, where Mr. Delaney was intoxicated to the point of incapacitation. He was reported to be harassing a woman.

Friday, September 10

7:21 PM: Police responded to a disabled 53-foot tractor trailer truck with heavy damage at the intersection of Palmer Avenue and Carlson Lane. A brief investigation revealed that it had struck a tree on Palmer Ave.

8:46 PM: Police issued Gabriele Braga, 22, of East Falmouth a criminal traffic citation for unlicensed operation and operating with a suspended registration after police pulled her over for a motor vehicle offense. She failed to stop for police until she came to the red light at the intersection of Jones Road and Gifford Street.

9:21 PM: Officers were dispatched to check the area between Woods Hole and Evangeline Road for a 71-year-old man who rides his bike to and from work in Woods Hole and was two hours overdue. A 911 caller said the man was unconscious in her driveway. Medics transported him to the hospital, where he died.

9:56 PM: An officer observed two unregistered dirt bikes travelling on Locust Street. One did not have any lights. Later, they were located hiding at the Bell Tower playground in Woods Hole. When the officer exited and ordered them to stop, they fled on their bikes. One drove directly at him, but he was able to avoid being hit.

Saturday, September 11

5:25 PM: A driver struck a utility pole while taking a turn from Harriette Road to Locustfield Road.

6:01 PM: Officers responded to a Locust Street business for a report of a suicidal woman. Medics responded and transported her to the hospital.

6:34 PM: Officers were dispatched to the area of Old Silver Beach for a complaint about dirt bikes. The dirt bikers fled upon the arrival of the officer.

7:01 PM: One of the dirt bike drivers from the complaint at Old Silver Beach sustained injuries when he struck trees while fleeing. Julian Vicente, 24, of East Falmouth was transported to the hospital, and police issued him criminal citations for negligent operation, failing to stop for police and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

7:46 PM: Police took into custody Keith R. Curran, 65, of Falmouth on an outstanding arrest warrant at the Cumberland Farms on Teaticket Highway.

9:44 PM: Officers were dispatched to a residence on Davisville Road for a man who had called 911 several times. Police had interacted with the man before, and it required numerous officers to gain control of him. Numerous officers responded this time as well. He was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

9:08 PM: Police arrested Christopher Dicicco, 33, of East Falmouth on an arrest warrant after a relative called police to say Mr. Dicicco was using drugs and being disruptive.

10:36 PM: Police responded to a large fight outside CVS in East Falmouth where it appeared that a group of people were attacking one man who was on the ground. Matthew R. Dowler, 36, of East Falmouth was identified as the primary agitator and he was arrested and placed in protective custody for alcohol intoxication.

Sunday, September 12

1:46 AM: A caller stated there was an intoxicated person on a bench on Main Street. The man was transported home, and his sister agreed to take care of him.

Monday, September 13

3:17 PM: Police responded to a possible breaking and entering and found a deceased person. It is under investigation, but does not appear to be suspicious at this time.

8:44 PM: The 99 Restaurant staff reported an intoxicated woman who they thought might drive. Officers arrested Brenda J. Farro, 60, of Waquoit for disorderly conduct and placed her in protective custody.

Wednesday September 15

1:42 PM: Officers were dispatched to Menauhant Road for the report of a dog running into a bicyclist. An investigation revealed the dog broke loose from its collar and ran into the cyclist. The person was transported to the hospital. Falmouth Animal Control also responded to assist and to address the canine situation with its owner.

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