Falmouth polls will be open for local and state elections on Tuesday, May 19.

Polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM.

Precinct One will vote at Falmouth Town Hall, 59 Town Hall Square.

Precinct Two will vote at the John DeMello Senior Center, 300 Dillingham Avenue.

Precinct Three will vote at the Falmouth High School gymnasium, 874 Gifford Street.

Precinct Four will vote at the St. Anthony’s Church lodge, 167 East Falmouth Highway.

Precinct Five will vote at the North Falmouth Congregational Church hall, 159 Old Main Road.

Precinct Six will vote at the Falmouth High School gymnasium, 874 Gifford Street.

Precinct Seven will vote at the Waquoit Congregational Church hall, 15 Parsons Lane.

Precinct Eight will vote at The Navigator, 55 Ashumet Road.

Precinct Nine will vote at the Falmouth Jewish Congregation’s community center, 7 Hatchville Road.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several precautions will be in place on election day. All voters will be required to wear masks or face coverings when going to the polls. The town clerk’s office is working to have extra masks available for voters on election day.

A maximum of six voters will be allowed to enter a polling location at any given time. Voting booths will be placed six feet apart to allow for social distancing. Though not required, voters are encouraged to bring their own pen to the polls.

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