New Falmouth Schools Staff

Camille Hamilton is a new 4th grade teacher at Teaticket Elementary School and was one of several new hires in the district.

Falmouth Public Schools opened the 2019-2020 school year earlier this month with several new people in administrator, teacher and counselor roles—and some familiar people in new or expanded roles.

Falmouth Public Schools superintendent Lori S. Duerr introduced three new administrators during the Falmouth School Committee meeting last Tuesday, September 10.

Sarah Floyd, a graduate of Falmouth High School and a Falmouth resident, is Morse Pond School’s new assistant principal. She was previously the assistant principal at Oak Ridge School in Sandwich. She replaced Kerri A. Whipple, who is no longer with the district.

“She has teaching and administrative experience, and the Morse Pond administrative committee recommended Sarah for the position. We’re very excited, and we think she’s going to be a really nice fit for Morse Pond and for the district,” Dr. Duerr said.

Lori Andrade, who has been a 3rd grade teacher at East Falmouth Elementary School, will be working half-time as East Falmouth’s assistant principal and half-time as literacy manager for the elementary schools. She replaced former assistant principal Julie Phelan, who has retired.

“She has a master’s degree in education and reading, and her last position was as a reading specialist. She has held many positions [in the district] over the years, including the literacy manager stipend position that we’ve had for the last two years in the district,” Dr. Duerr said. “It was always the goal to make that a full-time position at some point, but at least we were able to start at a half-time position this year.”

Anne Barnes is the district’s new assistant director of special education as well as the special education building administrator at East Falmouth.

“She’s been in the district in varied positions. Most recently, she’s worked with out-of-district students with disabilities. She’s going to continue in that role, but she’s also picking up the school-based administrator position at East Falmouth,” Dr. Duerr said.

Falmouth High School has hired Rebecca Landers-Cauley, math teacher; Travis Andrade, Latin teacher; Alyssa Guida, theater teacher; Caitlin Dugre, physical education teacher; Laura Kirsten, special education teacher; Meg McArdle, school nurse; Francesca Rooney, social studies teacher; Vicki Hatch, math teacher; Maria Rigazio, 9th grade biology teacher; and Wesley Vangel, Spanish teacher.

Lawrence School has hired Jillian Jewett, 7th grade ELA teacher; Donald Valentine, social studies teacher; Daniel Sullivan, 8th grade ELA teacher; Jennifer Heinlein, special education teacher; Abigail Smith, 8th grade science teacher; Carli Rosenfield, 8th grade math teacher; Amanda Hinsman, special education teacher; Amanda Sample, school adjustment counselor; Rhett Johannessen, special education teacher; and Daniel Perea-Kane, French teacher.

Morse Pond School has hired Beven Grant, special education teacher, and Andrew Menard, special education teacher.

East Falmouth Elementary School has hired Caroline McArdle, 2nd grade teacher; Allyson Powers, prekindergarten teacher; Elizabeth Paige, reading specialist; and Lisa Howell, special education teacher.

Teaticket Elementary School has hired Camille Hamilton, 4th grade teacher, and Denise Jones, prekindergarten teacher.

Mullen-Hall Elementary School has hired Rebecca Gonzales, 2nd grade teacher, and Stacey Strong, math instructional coach, who also works at East Falmouth.

North Falmouth Elementary School has added no new administrative, teaching or counseling staff this year, Principal Timothy Adams said.

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