Marine Ring Found

Falmouth resident Richard Sherman found this United States Marines ring on the ground outside Kappy’s Liquor store recently.

A Falmouth resident found a US Marine Corps ring last weekend and has since worked hard to return it to its owner.

Richard A. Sherman of Shore Street was walking out of Kappy’s Fine Wine and Spirits on Saturday, November 9, when he saw something glistening in the parking lot. As a Navy and Air Force veteran with 28 years in the military, he immediately recognized the Marine Corps logo and other identifying marks on the ring.

He returned to the store and asked if anybody was looking for a ring, but there were no reports. He decided to take it upon himself to find the owner. Mr. Sherman hoped he could return the ring by Veterans Day.

His Facebook post about the ring has more than 8,000 shares, and four TV stations have picked up his story. The post has been shared throughout Massachusetts, Maine and Tennessee.

But after four days of searching, Mr. Sherman has not had any luck.

Based on the identifying marks of the ring, he thinks it once belonged to a World War II veteran, and the current owner might be the child or grandchild of that veteran.

Mr. Sherman Googled the ring and found that it could be worth as much as $2,000.

So far, about eight people have contacted him saying it was their ring, he said, but none could identify the unique characteristics of the ring or the correct initials inscribed on the inside.

Because of its value, he said, he wants to be careful about giving it to the wrong person.

“The military is a tight-knit bunch,” Mr. Sherman said. “We protect each other. We help each other out.”

The owner should be able to identify the unique markings on the ring, Mr. Sherman said. Those who have a lead or think they might know who it belongs to can email Mr. Sherman at

“I know it means a lot to somebody, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed,” Mr. Sherman said.

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