Kamila Guimaraes Araujo, 31, of Falmouth was walking with her sisters and a cousin on a sidewalk just outside the Boston Public Garden on Thursday last week, October 1, when a man driving a stolen pickup truck crashed into a cement column at the garden’s gate, which hit her.

That, and the force of flying debris from the truck, fractured her skull and caused other life-threatening injuries said Sabrina Ribeiro, a close family friend of Ms. Araujo.

A nurse and a doctor rushed to help Ms. Araujo—who was lying facedown covered in blood and unresponsive—before she was taken to Tufts Medical Center, according to CBSN Boston.

“She was fighting for her life until Monday,” said Ms. Ribeiro, a nurse at Cape Cod Community Health Center in Hyannis. “She is responsive now and recovering. Last night, she had facial surgery, and it went well. She is doing well for the type of injuries she sustained. She is a fighter. She is a miracle.”

Ms. Araujo has lived in Falmouth for more than 10 years and is studying to become a nurse. She has a 10-year-old son, Bruno Guimaraes, who goes to Teaticket Elementary School. She and her husband, Jonas Araujo, were married in September.

The Araujo family belongs to the IPA Cape Cod Church in Hyannis, where Ms. Ribeiro is a pastor.

“Kamila is a very loved girl, very sweet. Everybody is emotional right now,” Ms. Ribeiro said of the friends and members of the church who are supporting the Araujos during this difficult time.

Medical expenses for Ms. Araujo will not be covered by the driver’s insurance because an investigation revealed that he is a homeless man. The truck he stole belonged to a firefighter who left it running outside the Boylston Street fire station a few blocks away.

Additionally, the rental house where the Araujo family lives is being sold by the owners. The family has until the end of October to find a new place to live.

“We are very positive, and we have hope,” Ms. Ribeiro said. “Any help would be welcome.”

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