Osprey Nest Fire

An osprey nest caught fire on a power line on Thomas B. Landers Road Tuesday.

Nearly 1,000 Eversource Energy customers lost power in Falmouth following an osprey nest fire near the Falmouth Technology Park at 10:52 AM Tuesday, June 11.

“At about 11 o’clock this morning, falling sticks from an osprey nest interfered with our primary power line on Thomas B. Landers Road,” Eversource media relations manager Reid Lamberty said. “The line fell, which caused a power outage for approximately 1,000 customers.”

Eversource and the Falmouth police and fire departments responded to scene. The portion of Thomas B. Landers Road between Route 28 and Research Road, including the northbound ramps, was closed during this response.

“We did remove the osprey nest, which was empty,” Mr. Lamberty said. “It contained no eggs or flightless chicks.”

An osprey deterrent was installed on the pole to prevent future nesting at that site.

Power was restored to the approximately 1,000 customers within two hours, Mr. Lamberty said.

A second osprey nest caught fire at 10:58 AM on Tuesday. This fire occurred near 504 West Falmouth Highway and did not result in any downed wires or road closures.

This is the third osprey nest fire to cause a power outages in the Upper Cape since May 1. Approximately 300 customers lost power on May 1 following an osprey nest fire on a Jones Road utility pole. On May 12, nearly 3,600 customers in Mashpee lost power after a nest fire on a Great Neck Road South utility pole.

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