If President Donald J. Trump attempts to interfere with the presidential election results, Falmouth residents are ready to rally at the village green to “Protect the Results.”

A protest is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, at 4 PM at the village green should President Trump declare victory before all votes are counted. A similar protest is scheduled to take place at the Airport Rotary in Hyannis at the same time.

“This is contingent upon Trump refusing to go forward with the counting of ballots or declaring victory before the counting of ballots is finished,” Sandra L. Faiman-Silva of Davis Road said.

The protest is part of a nationwide effort organized by Protect the Results, a coalition of more than 110 groups formed to protect the results of the election if President Trump refuses to concede.

“These protests are a contingency plan which is going forward on a nationwide level by all sorts of groups who are trying to make sure we have our democratic process play out,” Ms. Faiman-Silva said. “It is in response to the many statements [President Trump] has made saying he is not going to respect the vote count.”

She said President Trump has repeatedly stated mail-in ballots are ripe for voter fraud and has refused to say he would accept the results of the presidential election on the debate stage. She said this refusal to commit has voters “very concerned.”

Those interested in joining the protests can sign up at www.protecttheresults.com. Protesters will receive an email on Wednesday should the protest go forward.

“We will be letting people know either to come by at 4 PM to stand ready to take action if and when it is needed,” Ms. Faiman-Silva said.

If the protest is held on Wednesday, all protesters will be required to wear masks and socially distance themselves. Citing concern about counter-protesters, Ms. Faiman-Silva said peacekeepers will be present.

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