At their Monday, October 7, meeting, Falmouth selectmen unanimously approved an application to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to replace the glass roof at the Falmouth High School gymnasium.

“It would allow it to function as an emergency shelter to supplement the shelter function we have at the high school already,” Town Manager Julian M. Suso said.

The grant requires a 25 percent local match, which would be built into the school department’s capital budget. An old verbal estimate places the cost of roof replacement between $600,000 and $900,000, meaning the projected local match would be $225,000.

The glass roof prevents the gymnasium from being an emergency shelter. Its replacement would allow the town to accommodate 156 additional people at the school in the event of an emergency.

The finance committee also supported the grant funding request, but recommended obtaining a current cost estimate for the application.

* * *

Selectmen read a proclamation declaring October 20 Community Media Day. The proclamation touted the importance of Falmouth Community Television.

“Falmouth Community Television plays a vital role in the building of our community by encouraging conversations about our common interests, increasing discourse around policy issues, fostering understanding of local cultures and sharing information to improve our lives,” Chairman Megan E. English Braga read.

Debra Rogers, CEO of FCTV, thanked the board for its proclaimation. She described Community Media Day as an event intended to raise awareness of free speech and community media.

* * *

Falmouth selectmen accepted a pair of donations on behalf of the police and fire departments.

Falmouth Police received $6,318 through the Bulletproof Vest Partnership program. These funds can be used to purchase National Institute of Justice compliant armored vests.

The police and fire departments also received a $9,050 first responder Naloxone grant, which can be used to purchase Naloxone, which affects opioids during an overdose. It is typically administered as a spray into a person’s nostrils.

* * *

Selectmen unanimously granted a variance for an off-premise sign to the Gosnold Treatment Center to promote National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 26. Gosnold may now place up to 10 signs around town to promote the event.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day runs From 10 AM to 2 PM at the Falmouth Police Station. People will be able to anonymously drop off any unused, expired and unwanted prescription drugs there for safe disposal.

The event is sponsored by Gosnold, the Falmouth Police Department and The Prevention Partnership.

* * *

Selectmen authorized using $1,213 from the Recreation Department donation account to purchase six Tournament Diller Pickleball sets. Each set includes a portable net with a frame, four Pickleball paddles, four indoor Pickleball balls and a carrying case. The purchase also includes a 12 pack of outdoor Pickleball balls.

* * *

Selectmen approved two Eversource petitions, allowing the company to install two poles on St. Marks Road and an 4-inch conduit and handhole on Teaticket Path.

Though not opposed to the new pole, Michael Pavan of St. Marks Road urged caution.

“The existing pole is leaning quite a bit,” Mr. Pavan said. “All the poles are leaning away from the street, but the last pole the two new poles would connect too is leaning quite a bit more.”

He said Eversource should straighten the crooked pole now, prior to the installation of new poles.

“They should want to make sure they start from a straight pole,” he said.

Ms. English Braga said the request will be passed along to Eversource.

* * *

Selectmen approved the annual Chris Wetherbee Memorial Toy Ride, which will go from Buzzard Bay to The Navigator on Ashumet Road on Sunday, November 3.

“This is a motorcycle ride that has been done in our community for 31 years, and named in honor of my mother for 20 years,” Tammy Baptiste said.

The ride has a different route this year, ending at The Navigator rather than the Carriage House. The ride will not go through center of town, as it has in prior years.

Those interested in donating toys for the Memorial Toy Ride can do so during the event, at Cape Cod Harley-Davidson or at ShoreWay Acres. Collected toys will be donated to the Housing Assistance Corporation.

“It is a great event for a great cause, but it often causes consternation for the noise it causes,” Selectman Douglas H. Jones said.

Ms. Baptiste said riders will be asked to keep it down, noting motorcycles are subject to noise regulations.

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