The selectmen on Monday, May 18, authorized unanimously the sale of a parcel of land in Palm Coast, Florida.

“This is a rather unusual circumstance, but the Town of Falmouth has ownership interest in a parcel of land in Florida,” Town Counsel Frank K. Duffy said.

The land was bequeathed to the town by James M. Pafford, with the condition that money made from the sale of the property benefit the Lieutenant James M. Pafford Jr. Essay Fund at Falmouth High School. Lt. Pafford was assigned to the 525th Fighter Bomber Squadron when he died after a jet plane crash in Florennes, Belgium, in May 1951. Mr. Pafford established the essay fund in his son’s honor.

“This was something that meant a lot to Mr. Pafford, to commemorate his son and make sure his legacy goes on at Falmouth High School,” Selectmen Chairwoman Megan E. English Braga said.

In 1989, Town Meeting authorized selectmen to sell the Palm Coast property.

“Subsequently, it has been listed for sale with real estate brokers in the Palm Coast, Florida, area several times, and has not really gotten any serious offers for it,” Mr. Duffy said. “We got a few offers that came in, speculators that I would classify as low-ball offers. We really had nothing that attracted our attention or moved us to sell the property.”

He noted the parcel of land is in a small residential subdivision, and “is not waterfront property at all.” Describing the process as slow, Mr. Duffy said he contacted the City of Palm Coast’s law department for assistance in selling the property.

The town has received a cash offer of $18,000 from JM Properties of Palm Coast, Florida, contingent on the town paying for title insurance.

“I think, given the passage of time, and the level of interest in this property, which has been very, very limited over the years, it just makes sense to take this offer, authorize the town manager to sign a purchase and sale agreement and see if we can close it, and fund the account, and then the high school can start awarding some prizes for the essay fund,” Mr. Duffy said.

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