Falmouth Senior Center should soon receive certificate of occupancy despite a delay in getting the elevator inspected.

Senior Center Building Committee

Senior Center Building Committee members Michael Duffany and James Vieira hear a construction update at the committee’s meeting on Tuesday.

“Barring the elevator inspection, probably by December 20, we should have a COO,” project manager Michael A. DelVecchio said at Tuesday’s, December 3, meeting of the senior center building committee.

He said the elevator works; it just needs to be inspected. Scheduling an inspection can take time.

“The elevator inspectors—there are three in the state who do the whole state,” Mr. DelVecchio said. “That is our problem with the elevator inspection. Everything is complete, but it could take a few weeks before we see them.”

He said the Falmouth Senior Center can receive a certificate of occupancy contingent on an elevator inspection.

Assistant Town Manager Peter Johnson-Staub asked if any other work within the senior center was dependent on the elevator inspection. Mr. DelVecchio said it is not. Other inspections can go forward without the elevator inspection.

“They are planning on performing the inspections, the fire alarms and [bi-directional amplifier] this week,” Mr. DelVecchio said.

The committee also discussed the status of the punch list, work that must be finished prior to completion of the project. Benjamin Wilson of Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype said they have created a punch list for work on the second floor, and will follow up with a separate list for the first floor.

“What we should be getting is a list from [general contractor] GVW,” Mr. Wilson said. “They will see things we don’t see during our walkthroughs.”

Committee chairman James A. Vieira said a lot of painting needs to be done.

“A lot of it seems to be painting,” Mr. Vieira said. “There is a lot of painting that needs to be redone, and I haven’t seen a lot of painters there at any one time. They seem a little light on the painting.”

Mr. DelVecchio said he has informed the general contractor of the matter.

“We had the same issue on a project in Dartmouth with the same painter, so we’ve asked them to keep an eye on them,” he said.

Director of Finance Jennifer Mullen asked if the town has released payment to the general contractor for painting. Mr. Wilson said they are at “an appropriate level” of payment.

The committee also discussed and approved change orders relating to the project, including work on the lights by the Edward Marks Building.

“They have cut the stanchions and it looks like they are ready to go,” committee member Michael Duffany said.

The pole will be replaced with lanterns similar to those along Main Street, Mr. Johnson-Staub said. The committee approved the $8,031 change order related to the lights.

“I sit on that [Edward Marks Building Advisory Committee], and they are appreciative that it was done,” Mr. Duffany said. “It makes a big difference.”

The committee also approved a $9,350 change order for sidewalk sealant. Sealant helps protect the concrete sidewalk during the first two years of its lifespan, while it is still curing and not resistant to salt.

“That is something that obviously can’t wait,” Mr. Vieira said.

That work is weather-dependent. The temperature needs to be at least 40 degrees when applying the sealant.

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