The board of selectmen will host a community meeting regarding a potential locations for a new fire station to serve North and West Falmouth at the West Falmouth Library Thursday, October 17, at 7 PM.

“We’re working with a consultant, which has been funded by Town Meeting, to analyze the fire department’s runs and the pattern of those runs over the past three years, to make some recommendations about five potential alternative areas for a new Northwest Fire Station,” Town Manager Julian M. Suso said, noting a new station will allow the town to better serve North and West Falmouth.

The McGrath Consulting Group will present its draft findings next Thursday. The public will be invited to comment on these findings and offer suggestions.

“The North and West fire stations are two of our three least-busy fire stations, particularly the West Falmouth Fire Station, which has about 4 percent of our calls,” Mr. Suso said. “We’re looking to see if an alternate location would allow for a more efficient delivery of those runs that we see now.”

He said the five locations identified by the McGrath Consulting Group are not specific addresses, but general areas.

“This is to identify five alternate areas, which we can explore to find what would be the most reasonable location,” Mr. Suso said.

Regardless of location, he said, a new station would result in increased services in West Falmouth.

“It is our most challenging station in terms of limitations, space, and the ability to utilize it for firefighting services,” Mr. Suso said. “Ambulance calls in West Falmouth come from the North Falmouth station. We don’t have an ambulance at the West Falmouth station. We only have a firetruck there, and it has been that way for many, many years.”

A new fire station is several years away. Mr. Suso said the construction process would take approximately three to five years.

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