Falmouth Town Meeting, September 14, 2020

Falmouth Town Meeting was held in the field house at Falmouth High School. Masks were worn by all in attendance, and seating was set up according to social distancing guidelines.

Falmouth Town Meeting passed a pair of bottle bans on Monday, September 14.

Town Meeting banned the commercial sale of single-use plastic water bottles in Falmouth. The petition article, from petitioner Christine Kircun of Sidewinder Road in East Falmouth, was part of the Cape Plastic Bottle Ban initiative by Sustainable Practices. 

"Everyone here is well aware of how overconsumption of single-use plastics is detrimental to our health and the environment," Ms. Kircun said.

Town Meeting also banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in containers of 100 milliliters or less, commonly referred to as nips. The nip ban goes into effect on October 1, 2021. 

Precinct Nine Town Meeting member Peter J. Hargraves said the goal of the ban is to reduce litter. After conducting a survey of roadside trash, the Falmouth Litter Reduction Team found that nips make up approximately 32 percent of roadside litter.

"For litter reduction, the only viable option is an outright ban," he said.

Town Meeting also passed a petition article from Marc J. Finneran asking the Falmouth Select Board to ensure the West Falmouth fire station remains staffed and open until a new fire station is constructed, open and staffed. 

"It is basically up to you Town Meeting members to ensure everyone in this town is protected equally and as best as possible," Mr. Finneran said. 

The Falmouth Fire Rescue Department instituted a new staffing model on July 1. The change reduced the number of firefighters from the West Falmouth fire station from one to none. The West Falmouth fire station is staffed using voluntary overtime shifts. 

Town Meeting also authorized the select board to lease the single-family home at 398 Old Meeting House Road, adjacent to the Tony Andrews Farm. Town Meeting struck language that would have allowed the board to sell the house. 

Town Meeting also approved 30 warrant articles during the blanket vote. 

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What does the ban on single use bottles mean? Does it mean we can’t purchase a bottle of water at a convenient store?


Seemingly. Utterly insane.


I guess you are right. Terrible for folks who simply need to get a drink without harmful sodas etc.

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