Falmouth 2016 Fourth Of July Fireworks

Falmouth’s 4th of July fireworks

Residents in Falmouth are not shy about letting people know what day it is on July 4.

By 11 AM, the parking lot at Menauhant Beach was full, while people walked, rollerbladed and biked their way along Menauhant Road. It was only prelude to the patriotic scene that would overtake Menauhant, Falmouth Heights, and Surf Drive Beaches later that evening.

The Fourth of July Fireworks in Falmouth has long-earned a reputation for being among the biggest fireworks displays in the state, and the event lived up to its reputation again Monday night. Red, white, and blue colors draped Falmouth Heights Beach, as American flag shirts, shorts, hats, and sunglasses were seen in abundance. Vendors, meanwhile, sold balloons, glow sticks, hats, toy swords and light sabers.

All told, it was a fairly traditional-looking Fourth of July scene Monday night but it was all new for 1-year-old Violet Pietrowski, who was checking out the scene with her parents, Timothy and Amber Pietrowski.

"It's great," Ms. Pietrowski, a Falmouth resident, said of the fireworks. "It gets the whole town together. Everyone's here from Menauhant to Surf Drive."

As the pink sunset faded into night, space on Falmouth Heights Beach started to fill with people claiming their spots for the show. At 9:05 PM, the first pops were heard from the barge as the fireworks began to the sound of cheers. A breeze pushed the fireworks and smoke across the air, while music courtesy of PIXY 103 piped through the public address system.

While residents and visitors to the fireworks enjoyed themselves, police and fire officials in Falmouth were ready to respond as needed. However, officials from both departments reported that the event came and went without much incident.

"It was fairly quiet from our perspective," Deputy Chief Timothy R. Smith of Falmouth Fire Rescue said Tuesday, July 5. He said a unified command center operated by police and fire officials staged at the harbormaster's office on Scranton Avenue closed down by 10:30 PM, about an hour after the conclusion of the fireworks.

Captain Jeffrey P. Smith of Falmouth Police Department said following the fireworks, that apart from one incident in which two people were arrested for disorderly conduct, things were quiet at this year's event.

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