Five teenagers were arrested after causing a disturbance at the Falmouth Heights ball field during the Fourth of July fireworks display. 

An officer observed a large group of young people causing a disturbance on the ball field. 

"While he was addressing the domestic disturbance, an unknown party struck him in the back," Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas M. DeCosta said. "He then began to attend to the large group of young people causing a disturbance. The officer attempted to break the group up, however they disobeyed his requests and became assaultive." 

Two additional officers responded to the ball field. They were met with interference from the crowd while attempting to arrest those causing the disturbance. Multiple officers responded to assist with four arrests. 

Police arrested James Arne, 18, of Wareham, Hector M. Flores, 18, of Wareham, Jorden Maclure, 18, of Highview Drive, East Falmouth, and a 17-year-old. All four are charged with resisting arrest. Mr. Arne and Mr. Maclure were also arrested for assault and resisting arrest, while Mr. Flores was arrested for possession of liquor by a person under 21. The 17-year-old was also arrested for resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property under $1,200.

Following these arrests, the Falmouth Police attempted to clear the crowd. At this time, a 15-year-old caused a disturbance. They were arrested for disorderly conduct. 

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I think some of these guys were just arrested in Sandwich on an assault charge. They must have been "bailed out".

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