Main Street Flowers

Merchants on Main Street in Falmouth are hanging flower arrangements in front of their businesses to add a little cheer.

Though smaller in scale this year, Falmouth Village is once again in bloom.

The Falmouth Village Association is holding its annual Falmouth Village Blooming event throughout the month of May. Businesses on Main Street and Queen’s Buyway are encouraged to decorate and display a spring flower basket to welcome the return of warmer weather.

“It is still happening,” said Nicole Fox, marketing director for the Falmouth Village Association. “It is a lot smaller than it usually is, but the members who are participating have some beautiful baskets on display.”

As of Wednesday, May 6, four Main Street businesses are participating: The Gilded Oyster, Pickle Jar Kitchen, Falmouth Jewelry, and Country Fare Kitchen.

“We aren’t open at Pickle Jar yet—we will be opening next week—we wanted to go out there and make it look a little more inviting, because it looks like doomsday when you’re driving downtown,” Pickle Jar Kitchen co-owner Casey D. Gallant said. “Even though we are not there, I think people enjoy seeing the baskets.”

The Pickle Jar Kitchen flower basket is decorated with a number of plastic children’s toys shaped like fruits and vegetables, and topped with a pickle.

“I thought everyone would get a kick out of the pickle at the Pickle Jar basket,” Ms. Gallant said.

Gilded Oyster owner Denise Quinn said she “absolutely” wanted to participate this year.

“People’s lives are so disrupted, how they eat, how they work, and how they play, so to have a tradition like this continue on is nice,” Ms. Quinn said.

The store’s name is incorporated into the basket, which features gold-trimmed gilded oysters, sand dollars and a Falmouth Cares sign.

“There are a lot of positives going on in this town, with people helping those who can’t afford food or rent, as well as supporting local businesses,” Ms. Quinn said.

While The Gilded Oyster is closed, the store continues to sell its jewelry online via its webstore.

“People still have birthdays, and Mother’s Day is coming up, so people still want to purchase gifts,” Ms. Quinn said.

Pictures of the blooming baskets have been posted on the Falmouth Village Association Facebook page, People are encouraged to vote by liking, commenting or sharing a picture of their favorite basket. Though voting is underway, Ms. Fox said, businesses can still join, and a picture of their basket will be added to the gallery.

The basket with the most votes will be named this year’s “People’s Choice” winner.

“We’re not so much focused on the voting this year as we are the community resiliency,” Ms. Fox said. “We are really happy those who were able, and had the resources and time, made baskets to brighten the village.”

Even if the storefront is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, the business is still there. Several retailers continue to sell their goods online, while a number of restaurants are offering takeout and/or delivery.

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