Thomas Landers Crash Aftermath

The mangled remains of the BMW that crashed into a utility pole and caught fire in Falmouth

A single car accident in Falmouth resulted in one person being transported to the hospital. The sole occupant of the car, the driver, was pulled from the vehicle by Good Samaritans after it caught fire, Falmouth police reported.

Falmouth Deputy Fire Chief Scott Thrasher said that firefighters were called to 235 Thomas B. Landers Road, Friday, December 6, at 9:42 PM. A BMW sedan crashed into a utility pole and brought down some wires, Dep. Thrasher said.

The Falmouth Police Department Facebook page reported that the crash caused the closure of Thomas B. Landers Road between Geggatt Road and Turner Road. Traffic lights at the intersection of Gifford Street and Brick Kiln Road were also knocked out from the crash.

Good Samaritans pulled the driver from the car just before it went up in flames, Falmouth police reported.

When firefighters arrived, the driver of the car was out of the vehicle, which by then had caught fire, the deputy said. The fire had extended from the car to the area around the car. Firefighters were able to extinguish the car and the surrounding fire, he said.

Eversource arrived and secured power while firefighters battled the flames. Power was restored by 10:22 PM, Dep. Thrasher said.

The driver of the car initially declined transport to a hospital, but later chose to be taken to Falmouth Hospital for treatment, the deputy said.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation, but speed, reckless driving and alcohol were all factors, Falmouth police said.

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