White Supremacy Flyers

A Falmouth resident found these flyers in his mailbox that had been placed there anonymously. Police are investigating.

Falmouth police are investigating an incident where flyers promoting white supremacy and Nazis were anonymously placed in a West Falmouth mailbox.

Homeowner Adam V. Subhas called police in the afternoon of June 6 after finding the three flyers. One included a purported arrest record for George Floyd and another depicted flags of the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan.

He reported earlier this week to WCAI-FM that he had placed a Black Lives Matter sign outside his home and it went missing two weeks ago.

Falmouth Police Chief Edward A. Dunne said he assigned a detective to investigate but there is a lack of available information.

“There are no cameras, the mailbox is out of sight, there were no witnesses,” he said, urging anyone with information to report it to the police. The flyers were placed in the mailbox rather than delivered by mail.

“It’s hateful and I hope it’s the end of it,” he said.

This is the only report of this nature in Falmouth, but he pointed to two similar cases in Yarmouth.

Police in that community are investigating after a noose was found hanging from a tree at a private association beach and racist flyers were taped to street signs and fences around town on June 17. Three days later, about 20 flyers promoting a white nationalist group were found taped to street signs, utility poles and fences on Buck Island Road, Higgins Crowell Road south of Route 28 and on Route 28.

Mr. Subhas declined to comment, but offered the following statement in an email:

“Both your voicemail and your email say that the flyers were “left” in my mailbox. This is not true – someone put them there, on purpose, with intent. This was an act of aggression and hate. It is not a passive thing that happened. If this kind of aggression happens towards a sign on someone’s front lawn – imagine the kind of aggression and hate Black and other people of color in our community must experience, in all sorts of ways, every day. I hope this event and other similar ones bring light to this issue in our very own community.”

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