highfield vandalism

Vandals painted “Blue Lives Matter” on Highfield Theatre Monday night.

For the second time this month, Highfield Theatre was vandalized during the overnight hours when vandals spray-painted “Blue Lives Matter” on various places on the building. The incident occurred Monday, September 14.

“It is unfortunate they are trying to drag local police into this, as a way to feel emboldened, but it is cowardly and disrespectful to the police and the community,” said Mark Pearson, executive director of the College Light Opera Company. The group is the summer tenant of Highfield Theatre. It had put “Black Lives Matter” on the marquee this summer. On September 6 vandals stole the letters and spray-painted “All Lives Matter” on the marquee.

“We were able to paint over it quickly last time, but this time will take much more work,” Mr. Pearson said.

The vandals spray-painted the message in black across the marquee and the box office windows, and in larger letters on the wall facing the parking lot.

The Falmouth Police Department is investigating.

Mr. Pearson said CLOC would consider purchasing surveillance cameras, but it is not in the budget.

“I’m not arguing that people cannot have opinions, but it is disrespectful to spray-paint those opinions on someone else’s property, especially a community asset. It’s just sad,” he said.

The group will be sanding and repainting over the messages.

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My guesse is a set up, have an artist paint a picture of an officer next to it.


My take: A setup.


My take: folks expressing themselves.

Venting: ok.

Vandalism: not

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