A hydrangea bush on Depot Avenue.

A Maravista resident lost her blue hydrangea blooms to a thief earlier this month.

Kathryn Cisneros Ippoliti said she lost four blooms overnight. The thief struck the two blue plants along the road, just behind a four-foot fence, but did not touch the hydrangeas lining her house.

Ms. Cisneros Ippoliti noticed the lack of blooms in early July, just after the plants had flowered.

Hydrangeas bloom in a range of colors including white, green, and pink. Aluminum sulfate-rich soil helps gardeners produce the classic blue blooms that have become synonymous with Cape Cod.

At first, Ms. Cisneros Ippoliti said she was not sure what had happened. It was possible the blooms had wilted and fallen off. Closer inspection of the plants revealed the stems had been cut, close to the base of the plant, she said.

This was not the first time her hydrangea blooms were clipped without her permission. It happened five years ago, just after she bought her house in Maravista, she said. At the time, she was renovating her home and not living in it. She thought this made her an easy mark.

After the recent theft, she took to Facebook to warn other residents. “The Hydrangea bandits are in the area again!” she posted. She received an outpouring of support.

Over the last two decades, Cape Cod residents have reported stolen blooms and plants.

Cape Cod experienced a rash of thefts in July and August 2000. Thieves targeted Lower Cape plants in Dennis before conducting late-night heists in Falmouth. The Enterprise reported five complaints of hydrangea thefts that year. A police log from July 2001 cites two reports of hydrangea theft in Falmouth. In one instance, the thief allegedly removed an entire bush.

Lieutenant Douglas DeCosta of the Falmouth Police Department said hydrangea plants, shrubs, and trees have been stolen in past years. However, dispatch logs reveal no reported thefts since July 1.

Ms. Cisneros Ippoliti said she is considering installing cameras on the front of her house to catch any future thief in the act.

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I am able to acknowledge the frustration of caring for a plant, anticipating the bloom and beauty of it only to have it stolen from you as an experience the could be upsetting. However, I am unwilling to acknowledge this 1 incident as newsworthy, even for a tiny local paper. For a news source to find value in dedicating time, resources, and space to a "news" story about illegal flower cutting is just absurd and a very poor reflection of this community publication.

Cape Cod Bear

I lived on the cape for a year, but have since moved down south. I'm trying desperately to grow those classic mop head hydrangeas in my North facing section of yard. The clay soil down here does not seem to foster hydrangea growth, but I will keep trying. I have such fond memories of the beautiful wild and healthy hydrangea bushes and blooms on cape cod when I used to live there. It is classic cape cod.

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