Due to the Route 28 water main replacement project, traffic will be detoured on Main Street between Gifford Street and King Street Friday, January 24, and Monday, January 27.

Water Superintendent Stephen D. Rafferty said construction crews will pave the trench between Shore Street and King Street Friday, January 24.

“On Monday, we come back to the intersection of Main and King Streets and tie the new main to the existing main on King Street,” Mr. Rafferty said. “That will require shutting water off on King Street, including the fire station, for most of Monday morning.”

Traffic will be detoured around that portion of Main Street. Drivers can use Shore Street, Katharine Lee Bates Road, Gifford Street and Dillingham Avenue or Nye Road, Queen Street, King Street, Clinton Avenue and Shore Street to avoid the intersections.

“On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, we will continue to install 16-inch water main on Main Street between King Street and heading toward Nye Road,” Mr. Rafferty said. “We hope to, but will most likely not, make it across the Nye Road intersection by end of day Thursday.”

He said access to businesses along that stretch of Main Street will be affected.

“We are making excellent progress, and we appreciate all the cooperation we have been getting from business and local agencies, as well as the weather,” Mr. Rafferty said.

The work is part of the ongoing Route 28 water main replacement project. The town is replacing approximately 3.5 miles of the existing 10-inch-diameter water main, installed in 1898, with a 16-inch-diameter ductile iron pipe.

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