Lost Ring

John Antone (left) found Jesse Marshall's wedding ring in the sand.

Jesse Marshall of Boston lost his wedding ring in the sand at Surf Drive Beach last Saturday afternoon, August 11, but he found it a few hours later, thanks to John Antone and a metal detector.

Lily Weitzman of Falmouth was taking a walk at the beach when she noticed Mr. Marshall looking in the sand for something.

"I wanted to help," she said. "I suggested they call the police department but when he called them they said there wasn't anything they could do."

Earlier that day, John Antone, an electrician from Marstons Mills and a Falmouth native, had been at Ms. Weitzman's house doing some electrical work. 

"I called John to see if he might have a metal detector," Ms. Weitzman said, and he did.

"He is from a family of 10, and his sister was sick in the hospital. He already had plans to visit her," Ms. Weitzman said, but he was willing to try the next day.

By this time it was starting to get dark, and the tide was coming in. Time was of the essence.

"Just then, the phone rang, and it was John," Ms. Weitzman said. He said his plans changed because his sister was not feeling well and she was not up for company that night.

Soon after Mr. Antone arrived at the beach and within less than a minute he located Mr. Marshall's wedding ring in the sand.

"It was such an awesome moment and turn of events," Ms. Weitzman said.

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WAy to go john, I had lost my gold chain and gold coin a few months before Hurricane Irene hit, wind and rain was horrible, but about 6 months after I lost it, a relative from Falmouth came over for a visit, she brought her fathers metal detector, found it in about 10 minutes- I went out and bought a metal detector for myself, a decent one, it seems like a wasted a lot of money, but is you only use it once and find what your looking for then it's paid for itself 10 times over. Bet you felt great to be able to help out and actually find it so quickly, Proof that there is still good people around.

Jesse M

Big thanks again to John and Lily! There were four of us digging in the sand for half an hour, my anxiety mounting by the minute. Then John shows up and within two minutes -- Bam! There it was.

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