Falmouth police arrested a man with an extensive history of violence and theft after he allegedly forced two men to drive him to various locations while armed with a knife.

Elangwa A. Shaidi, 36, originally from East Falmouth, was charged by Falmouth police with two counts of armed kidnapping and two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. He was placed in a holding cell and the bail commissioner set bail at $15,000. The next day at his arraignment in Falmouth District Court, his bail was revoked and he was released with a GPS monitor.

Around noon on Sunday, June 13, one of the Falmouth men, Robert Giroux, 19, of Falmouth, reported to police that he and another man were approached by Mr. Shaidi, who was on foot, near the Trade Center on Spring Bars Road at 2:30 that morning.

According to Mr. Giroux’s statement, he and his friend Thomas Cone, 20, were in a field near the Quahog Republic around 2:30 AM. They were out of the car, looking at the radio tower when a man, later identified as Mr. Shaidi, ran up to them. He was coming from a homeless camp located between the Trade Center strip mall and the Little Pond Place housing complex.

He told them he had military grade weapons he got from his brother who is in the army. He ran up to the car and appeared as though he was going to steal it. Mr. Shaidi then questioned the two men, accusing them of wanting to kill homeless people and repeatedly asked for their names.

According to the police report, Mr. Shaidi threatened them with gun and knife. Although they never saw weapons, they believed it to be true.

As men started to leave, Mr. Shaidi allegedy climbed into the back seat of Mr. Cone’s car and directed them to drive him to certain places. Mr. Cone in his statement said the suspect told him repeatedly he had a knife in his pocket and could easily kill him while he was driving.

Per the suspect’s instructions, the men drove to the Great Bay Motel to find his girlfriend; to Cumberland Farms where Mr. Shaidi used the restroom and bought Doritos; an apartment complex in Bourne; back to the motel and to Spring Bars Road where he exited the vehicle. He gave Mr. Giroux his cellphone and directed him to charge it and return it to him at his tent. He instead gave the phone to police.

During the two-hour incident, Mr. Giroux reported a “roller coaster level of intimidation from Shaidi’s mannerisms.”

At one point, he stood the two men under a light so he could later identify them in case they went to the police.

One of the men lives in an apartment close to where the incident began. According to police, the men did not know the suspect.

Police confirm that they were at Cumberland Farms that night through video surveillance. They found Mr. Shaidi in his tent with his girlfriend and arrested him. No weapons were found, police said. After talking with police, his girlfriend said she had been with him the night before, but he got drunk and violent, so she left for the Great Bay Motel.

According to Mr. Shaidi’s statement, he confirmed being with the two men, but denied he kidnapped or threatened them, saying the pair looked suspicious, but in the end thought they were “okay.”

Officer Samantha Espinoza noted in her report that the men appeared shaken when relaying their version of events to her and believed Mr. Shaidi was going to kill them.

Mr. Shaidi is well-known to police. In 2018, he was one of three men charged with the attempted murder of a Mashpee man. Police believe that Mr. Shaidi attacked the victim, Stephen Sanders, in an attempt to rob him and Mr. Sanders’s brother, Andrew Sanders, during a drug deal at the home.

Ten years prior, in Barnstable Superior Court, he pled guilty to charges including mayhem, assault and battery on a person over 60 and breaking and entering after crashing a graduation party in East Falmouth. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

After being asked to leave the party, Mr. Shaidi retrieved a knife, cut three people and punched three others. Three weeks later, he entered a 77-year-old Falmouth woman’s home through her basement. She fled to safety.

Falmouth District Judge Lisa Edmonds placed a condition on his release, that he have a mental health evaluation in 30 days. Pretrial hearing is July 7.

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