The Falmouth Select Board on Monday, June 1, approved the installation of a new “Take a Book” library on Worcester Court.

Proposed by Sandra Trainor of the Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association, the small library will be part of the Little Free Library movement. Ms. Trainor requested placement of a book exchange at the end of Worcester Court, near the benches.

“I was just thinking of doing this myself, before I joined [the neighborhood association], and having it on my property, but I proposed it in October to the board,” Ms. Trainor said. “In my own personal opinion the association doesn’t have a real friendly, community reputation, and I thought this would be a way for us to support something good in the community, and Worcester Court seemed like a good place.”

The 41-inch-tall lending library features a stained-glass door and will be filled with books for children and adults. The library was built by George Engstrom, with the stained glass crafted by Tim Gallagher.

“The actual little library house is beautiful,” select board chairman Megan E. English Braga said. “That stained glass is beautiful. It is a piece of art wherever it shows up.”

Falmouth Library Director Linda Collins said the library supports the installation.

“We’re very supportive of this,” Ms. Collins said. “Any attempt to get books to people is a good thing. There are currently six other little libraries in town, most of which are seasonal. There is one year-round, at the rec center, so we’re happy to have this. I think it would be good to have near the beach, especially during the summer months.”

Select board member Douglas C. Brown said the structure is beautiful, but asked how well it will resist high winds.

“I’m just a little bit concerned, because we’re down there in that velocity zone, and we don’t want to put something on town property that may become a projectile,” Mr. Brown said.

Ms. Trainor agreed, and said she will work with the department of public works to find an appropriate and safe location.

“Public works has an excellent idea of what the installation needs to look like and where it would be best,” Ms. English Braga said.

The select board thanked Ms. Trainor and the Falmouth Heights-Mararvista Neighborhood Association for bringing the proposal forward.

“This is a really great idea, and seems even more so now, with libraries not open for circulation right now,” Ms. English Braga said.

In addition to the Gus Canty Community Center, other Little Free Libraries in Falmouth are located on Depot Avenue, King Street, Bay Shore Drive, Ocean View Avenue and Wild Harbor Road.

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