The Falmouth Town Election is proceeding as planned, and candidates have until 4:30 PM on Tuesday, March 31, to return their nomination papers.

Candidates can normally return their nomination papers by dropping them off at the town clerk's office at Falmouth Town Hall. However, town hall is closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. Town Clerk Michael C. Palmer said people have three alternative ways of returning their completed nomination papers, including via email.

"We'll accept the email as meeting the deadline," Mr. Palmer said. "They can also call the office, and we'll accept them at the front door [of Falmouth Town Hall] from them."

Nomination papers can also be mailed to the town clerk's office at 59 Town Hall Square, Falmouth, provided they arrive before the Tuesday deadline. 

As of Thursday, March 26, there are potentially two contested races on the town wide ballot, including for the Falmouth Board of Selectmen. The terms of selectmen Samuel H. Patterson and Susan L. Moran expire this year.

Mr. Patterson has returned his nomination papers, as has former superintendent Nancy R. Taylor. Marc P. Finneran and Michael G. Heylin have also pulled nomination papers for the Falmouth Board of Selectmen. 

Ms. Moran, who is running for election to fill the Plymouth and Barnstable District seat left vacant by former state Senator Viriato (Vinny) deMacedo (R-Plymouth), has not pulled nomination papers. Currently, the special election to fill this vacancy is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, the same day as the Falmouth town election. 

Two candidates, incumbent Robert P. Mascali of Ox Bow Road, East Falmouth, and Linda J. Clarke of Keel De Sac, Falmouth, have pulled nomination papers for one seat on the Falmouth Housing Authority. 

Incumbent library trustees Lindsay M. Hopewood and Judith L. Fenwick and incumbent planning board members John L. Druley, Pamela Harting-Barrat and James E. Fox have all returned their nomination papers. No one has pulled papers to challenge for a seat on these boards. 

Terri A. Medeiros and Andrea L. Thorrold have returned their nomination papers and are seeking re-election to the Falmouth School Committee. Incumbent Meghan C. Fleck is not seeking re-election. Former school committee member Leah L. Palmer of Turner Road, East Falmouth, has picked up nominated papers. 

"It looks like we are filling up, at least on the townwide," Mr. Palmer said. "We won't have any unfilled seats, I believe, when we're all said and done." 

Those running for a townwide office are required to collect 50 signatures from registered Falmouth voters in order to be on the ballot. Those seeking a seat in Falmouth Town Meeting need to collect 10 signatures from registered voters in their precinct. 

Voters will also elect nine Town Meeting members in each precinct. In addition, there are two-year terms open in precincts one, three, seven and eight, as well as one-year terms in precincts three, seven and nine.

As of March 26, there were contested races for Town Meeting seats in precincts one, two and three, as well as nine people running for nine seats in precincts six and seven. However, there are fewer than nine candidates who have returned nomination papers in precincts four, five, eight and nine. 

"We are light in a few precincts," Mr. Palmer said. "We've been calling everyone, letting them know how to get papers." 

Both the town election and special state election are scheduled for Tuesday, May 19. Mr. Palmer encourages voters to take advantage of early voting, which will be available for both elections. 

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