Nomination papers for the annual town election will be available at the town clerk’s office in Falmouth Town Hall on Monday, February 24.

Completed nomination papers must be turned in to the town clerk’s office by 4:30 PM on Tuesday, March 31.

Incumbents whose terms expire this year are selectmen Samuel H. Patterson and Susan L. Moran; library trustees Lindsay M. Hopewood and Judith L. Fenwick; school committee members Terri A. Medeiros, Andrea L. Thorrold and Meghan C. Fleck; planning board members John L. Druley, Pamela Harting-Barrat and James E. Fox; and Falmouth Housing Authority Commissioner Robert P. Mascali. The housing authority term is for five years; all other positions are for three-year terms.

Mr. Patterson said he will seek reelection to the board of selectmen. Ms. Moran is running for the state Senate seat left vacant by the resignation of state Senator Viriato (Vinny) deMacedo (R-Plymouth). The special state primary for this seat will be held on March 3, with the election taking place on March 31.

“My full attention is being given to the Plymouth-Barnstable senate race and the primary of March 3,” Ms. Moran said.

Those running for a townwide office are required to collect 50 signatures from registered Falmouth voters in order to be on the ballot for the general election in May.

Voters will also elect nine Town Meeting members in each precinct. In addition, there are two-year terms open in precincts one, three, seven and eight, as well as one-year terms in precincts three, seven and nine.

Those seeking election to Town Meeting are required to collect 10 signatures from registered voters in their precinct. Incumbent Town Meeting members do not need to collect signatures but must return the notice mailed to them by the town clerk indicating their intent to run for reelection.

Voters in the May election may also decide on an override. Town administration is pursuing a $1.3 million override to hire eight additional firefighters for the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department.

“It will be voted on by Town Meeting in April if that will go on the ballot,” Town Clerk Michael C. Palmer said.

The ballot will also include 10 proposed charter changes. They include the addition of the finance committee to the Falmouth Town Charter; implementing gender-neutral language within the charter; defining the ability of the board of selectmen to make rules and regulations; eliminating a contradiction in how members of the Falmouth Housing Authority are elected and appointed; adding the Community Preservation Committee and Economic Development & Industrial Corporation to the charter; and exempting the board of assessors from term limits.

There is also the potential for a nonbinding ballot question related to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station on Cape Cod Bay. The nonbinding resolution directs town officials to ask the state government to “employ all means available to ensure that spent nuclear fuel is secured in better quality dry casks and hardened onsite storage; and spent fuel pool and casks are protected with heightened security to prevent intrusion in order to protect the health, welfare, and economic interests of the Town of Falmouth and its inhabitants and visitors.”

“There was a petition article that arrived, but it arrived in an untimely fashion,” Town Manager Julian M. Suso said.

Mr. Suso said selectmen could vote to place the question on the ballot. The question is not on the agenda for Monday’s selectmen meeting, but could be discussed at a March meeting. Town counsel is reviewing the matter.

Mr. Palmer said while the town can use a three-page ballot, he would prefer to keep the ballot confined to a single page.

“We don’t ever want to go to a third page,” he said. “We can use the front and back of a ballot.”

He said the town can print an up-to-18-inch long ballot. The presidential primary ballot is approximately 14 inches long.

The annual Falmouth Town Election will be held on Tuesday, May 19.

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