Falmouth Preservation Alliance Historical Display At Falmouth Stations Gains Funding

Barbara M. Weyand of the Falmouth Preservation Alliance speaks before the Falmouth Economic and Development Corporation on September 10.

The Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) voted Tuesday to commit $2,000 to a Falmouth Preservation Alliance historical display outside the Falmouth Station.

The history board would detail the building’s past for visitors. The Falmouth Station was originally the Falmouth Railroad Station and began service in 1872. The Upper Cape railroad line was an important commercial and public transportation hub from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century.

In 2015, the EDIC acquired a 99-year lease on the property from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. After two years of restoration, the station re-opened in 2017. It now houses the Station Grill and Peter Pan Bus ticketing office.

Producing the history board will cost about $2,000, said Barbara M. Weyand of the Falmouth Preservation Alliance. She has the images and text for the board but it will need to be sent to a production company for layout. This will take between 10 and 12 weeks, she explained. A specialist will need to weatherize the board and it will need a specialty frame for outdoor display, Ms. Weyand added.

The project “has been beleaguered,” said Ms. Weyand. She had originally secured funding but the clock on the funding runs out at the end of September, she said. “Lacking control over this large piece of production time, I said, ‘I can’t meet your September deadline’.”

Ms. Weyand presented two options to the EDIC. Under the first option, the EDIC could fund the project. This would mean the EDIC would get to place its logo on the board, Ms. Weyand said. Under the second option, Ms. Weyand would seek outside funding sources. The latter would take longer than the former, possibly delaying the project further.

Susan L. Moran, vice chairwoman of the EDIC, said she would be in favor of funding the history board. “In terms of the credits, it seems to me that this is something that continues the EDIC’s legacy, in a sense, so we might prefer that the only credit be the EDIC and the preservation alliance,” she said.

Members of the EDIC asked what Ms. Weyand’s next step will be after securing funding. Ms. Weyand said she will contact the production company. She agreed to report back to the board.

Members of the EDIC noted that they would have to discuss where to position the history board at a future meeting. Board member Michael Galasso suggested the south side of the building.

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