Falmouth EEE truck spraying map

Selective truck spraying for EEE-carrying mosquitoes will begin on the streets marked in red Wednesday evening, August 14.

Eastern equine encephalitis virus has been identified in mosquitoes from three different test sites collected by the Cape Cod Mosquito Project, and area truck spraying in Falmouth is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14, from 8 PM to midnight, Falmouth Health Agent Scott McGann announced in a public health advisory.

"In the case of rain, the alternate spray date will be Monday, August 19. The spraying will be conducted by the Central Mass Mosquito Control Project, and they will be accompanied by employees of the Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project," Mr. McGann wrote. "The truck will have flashing yellow lights signaling its approach, and residents are asked to go inside and shut all windows for approximately 20 minutes when the truck is treating your street."

A list of streets in the spray route, which are in the area along Woods Hole Road between Devil's Lane and the town center, can be found on the Falmouth Health Department website. Also, see the map of the route above.

The Falmouth boards of selectmen and health voted earlier this month to support selective truck spraying of the immediate areas surrounding the EEE-positive sites.

In the targeted spraying, a truck will spread a mist of the chemical Zenivex E4 to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes that might be carrying the virus, according to the control project.

Zenivex, which is used throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey and Delaware, is considered an environmentally safe and low-toxicity insecticide. It targets small insects such as mosquitoes, midges and black flies but disappears within 48 hours and has no negative effects on vertebrate animals, the control project said.

In the meantime, residents are advised to wear EPA-approved insect repellent and long sleeves and pants when tolerable, Mr. McGann wrote.

To opt out of the spraying, residents should visit www.mass.gov/forms/request-for-exclusion-from-wide-area-application-of-pesticides. Residents can also contact the Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project at 508-775-1510 or the Falmouth Health Department at 508-495-7485.

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