A Hatchville resident called police on Sunday, October 25, after she found a black doll’s head with “n---er luva” written on its forehead. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she was working in the yard with her 14-year-old grandson when she found the plastic head near her Black Lives Matter and Biden/Harris for President lawn signs.

“I have no idea how long it had been there or who put it there,” she said. “It needs to be called out for what it is, a hate crime. It’s repulsive and horrific. It breaks my heart that people feel this way.”

She said she called police that day and an officer came to her house. The officer told her police would check for fingerprints, but there may not be any prints left depending on how long it had been outside in the elements, she said.

Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas DeCosta said Tuesday, October 27, that the police report had not been completed yet.

The Falmouth Select Board addressed the incident at its meeting on Monday night, October 26.

Board member Douglas H. Jones described it as "absolutely horrendous."

"I think we all want to agree just how egregious and horrible it is this happened in our town," Mr. Jones said. "There is no business for it, there is no place for it. It is just despicable."

Chairwoman Megan English Braga said this type of tactic has been used for decades to intimidate and scare people.

"It really is just an exercise in cowardice, and it really doesn't have a place in our town," she said.

The resident and Ms. English Braga praised the dispatcher's response.

"She said the person who took that call was so compassionate and sympathetic, and that kind of steady response helped in that moment," Ms. English Braga said, noting the dispatcher "really made a difference."

The resident noted how apologetic and supportive the police dispatcher was during the call.

Ms. English Braga also praised the resident for reporting it.

"The response really is to do exactly as she did and report these things, because they are crimes if they are meant to intimidate somebody or frighten them or do damage to personal property," she said.

The resident said she feels targeted by the person who left the racist message.

“Someone went to great lengths to find a doll, cut off the head, and drive it to my house. It’s intimidation,” she said.

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I know the woman this happened to and she is a woman of compassion, intelligence, and integrity who shouldn’t be further hurt by disrespectful comments. Does it make you feel good to be so



Thinking not many racists have black dolls laying round the house, so someone went to the store spent 20+ on doll brought it home, ripped head off, drew on then after an hour or more of driving around shopping $20+ they put it next to a Black Lives Matter sign so that maybe by chance it’ll be found. I’m not Columbo or anything but does that Sound Plausible?

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