The Falmouth Recreation Committee has approved new signage at the Gus Canty Community Center that will help the public navigate the different entities in the complex.

“The town management would like to make sure we have clear signage that integrates well with the street sign out front,” Assistant Town Manager Peter Johnson-Staub said on Wednesday, February 10. “To that end, we want people to be able to drive through the parking lot and quickly identify where is the police station, where is the senior center, where is the community center and where is the recreation department.”

The first proposed sign is located on the wooden façade over the porch, by the stained glass. The words “Community Center” would be installed above the stained glass, and “Recreation Department” below it.

“During a quick drive-by, you’d see Community Center and Recreation Department,” Mr. Johnson-Staub said.

A second sign is proposed to the left of the main entrance doors. That sign would identify the building as the Gus Canty Community Center and the Carlo Pena Sr. Gymnasium.

Committee member Sandra L. Cuny confirmed the proposed signage does not include the word Falmouth. She asked if the sign would match that of the neighboring senior center. Mr. Johnson-Staub said it will not be a perfect match, because the metal lettering at the senior center is installed upon its brick façade, while the sign at the Gus Canty Community Center will be on its wooden façade.

The committee recommended signage to best match that at the Falmouth Senior Center.

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