Main Street Crosswalk

The crosswalk outside of the Quarterdeck Restaurant on Main Street in Falmouth.

The crosswalk near The Quarterdeck restaurant on Main Street will be renamed the Tommy Leonard Walkway.

Mr. Leonard, founder of the Falmouth Road Race and co-founder of the Falmouth Walk, was also a bartender at the restaurant. The selectmen unanimously approved the installation of a sign naming the crosswalk in his honor at their Monday, May 11, meeting.

“There are going to be a lot of visitors taking pictures under that sign,” Selectman Douglas C. Brown said.

The board previously approved installing a monument in Mr. Leonard’s honor at the entrance to Town Hall Square.

The monument will be a 40-inch-high pink granite block adorned with a bronze plaque. A bronze St. Louis Cardinals ball cap, based on a cap worn by Mr. Leonard, will sit atop the rock.

A dedication ceremony is planned for both the walkway and monument.

“I think, to do it justice, we’d like to have the unveiling for the sign for the crosswalk done in conjunction with the stone, that Tommy Leonard tribute we’re going to have at the entry to Town Hall Square, basically directly across from that crosswalk and The Quarterdeck,” Falmouth Walk president Thomas E. Walrath said. “Our fingers are crossed. We have no idea when; we are all at the mercy of what Governor Baker decides and then, of course, the direction the town takes.”

The original plan was to hold an unveiling ceremony on Friday, May 22, but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

“We know that’s not possible right now,” Mr. Walrath said.

Mr. Brown said the stone could be installed now, with an unveiling held later. Mr. Walrath said he will discuss the matter with his committee.

“We’ll be ready in another 10 to 14 days with the stone, and we’ll have everything ready to go,” he said.

Selectman Samuel H. Patterson said if the stone is installed but covered up, it will draw the public’s attention.

“If it is covered over, sitting there on Town Hall Square, people are going to wonder what it’s all about and what its future will be,” Mr. Patterson said.

Several selectmen recommended creating a video featuring Tommy Leonard and the construction and installation of the memorial.

“With the walk and the road race, all of that is so connected with Tommy and his legacy of promoting running and movement,” Selectmen Chairwoman Megan E. English Braga said. “We’ve had this long spring, this rainy spring, and I think everybody is just dying to literally be out in the sun and be mobile, however that looks. Anything you put together, we’re happy to get out to the public as well. I think it is a really wonderful tribute to him.”

Mr. Leonard died in January 2019. He was 85.

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