Drive-thru renovations are in the future for the the McDonald’s restaurant on Teaticket Highway.

The current layout of the drive-thru offers customers two order stations, one right after the other, as they proceed to the payment window. The engineer on the project, Eric Dubrule of Bohler Engineering, told the planning board at its meeting last week, May 28, the existing format means that a car ordering at the first station can block cars who could be ordering at the second station.

The new plans show two ordering stations parallel to each other. The drive through lane splits, directing vehicles into the separate lanes. The plans also show a reduction in parking spaces overall, but plans to alter the number of spots will need to be approved by the zoning board of appeals.

Engineers plan to relocate parking spaces on the site to line the right side of the building. The new location with allow the engineers to create ADA compliant spots and walkways.

The proposed work is inside the existing paved area on the property.

“It’s a fairly straightforward design,” Mr. Dubrule told the board. The proposed plan is the brand’s “prototypical layout” and mimics the drive-thru lanes being built on new McDonald’s properties across the US, he said.

Mr. Dubrule said the new drive-thru structure would increase efficiency in taking orders.

Planning board member Robert Leary expressed concern about relocating parking spots against the right side of the building. “I’m just not clear about how people park on this side of the building and get out without backing into drive-thru lane,” he said.

Mr. Dubrule said that there was more space between the drive-thru queue and the parking spaces than it appeared. He added that increased efficiency in drive-thru ordering will prevent back-ups in the queue. There is space for five cars between the edge of the parking area and the order points.

Patricia H. Kerfoot, chairman of the planning board, asked that the engineering team to round off a corner of the entryway to help prevent cars from lining up directly behind parking spaces.

Members of the planning board directed planning department staff to draft a positive decision, incorporating the change to the entryway corner.

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