Wood Lumber

Wood Lumber in Falmouth

Last Friday marked a new chapter for an historic Falmouth business.

Eileen C. and Dana E. Miskell, owners of Wood Lumber Company, announced they will sell the business to Mid-Cape Home Centers.

The Miskells announced the sale on February 15. The Miskell family has owned and operated the company for more than 100 years.

“We have had wonderful relationships with our staff, our customers, and the Falmouth community. It is extremely difficult to leave all of that,” Mr. Miskell wrote.

The legacy of the lumber company goes back to the early 1900s. In 1912 Edmund Wood, the owner of New Bedford-based Greene and Wood Lumber Yard, bought James Cameron’s small lumber yard in Falmouth. Mr. Wood sent his general manager’s son, Joseph Miskell, to manage the new Falmouth branch.

In 1926, Edmund Wood, George R. Wood, and John T. Hanna Jr. formed the official corporation: The Wood Lumber Company. James and Joseph B. Miskell sat on the board of directors.

By 1935 Joseph Miskell was the president of the company. A decade later, only the Miskells were listed as shareholders.

Wood Lumber Company grew and prospered under the Miskell family.

In 1936 Wood Lumber Company won a contract for mail delivery of 145,000 concrete blocks to help build Camp Edwards in Bourne, now part of the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

In 1940 when the US Army leased Camp Edwards as a training facility for 30,000 soldiers, Joseph Miskell made his company indispensable once again. He won a “substantial share of the material orders for the camp,” according to an Enterprise article. Joseph Miskell delivered 200,000 feet of lumber within 72 hours.

Joseph Miskell died in 1957 and his son, Joseph Jr., also known as Bud, took over Wood Lumber Company the same year.

The business continued to prosper despite a fire that swept through the lumber yard in 1968. Bud Miskell estimated the total cost of damages ranged from $100,000 to $150,000.

Despite the tragedy, Bud Miskell rebuilt bigger and better. A 120-by-80-foot structure took the place of seven buildings, according to an Enterprise article.

In 1986 Dana Miskell and his wife, Eileen, took over the company, ushering it into the digital age and establishing a showroom in 2002.

The Miskells believe the Wood Lumber Company will continue to provide quality services in Falmouth under Mid-Cape Home Centers.

In a press release about the sale, Dana and Eileen Miskell wrote, “Our goal in transitioning the business, as we have officially reached retirement age, was for the Wood Lumber Company to remain a strong employer in Falmouth and a supplier of quality materials and service to builders and retail customers.”

Similar to Wood Lumber Company, Mid-Cape Home Centers is a family-run business, according to its website. The full-service lumber yard has served the Cape, islands, and South Shore for more than 120 years.

“We feel that Mid-Cape is a perfect fit to maintain the quality products and service that Wood Lumber has always been known for,” Dana Miskell wrote.

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I hope Mid Cape can keep Wood Lumber nice. Their other stores are dumpy. I also heard Mid Cape is NO longer a family run business and the turn over rate is disastrous.


I don't Know about this, because if it is like a home depot or lowes it would hurt a lot of businesses, because it has been a lumber store for so many years, and the Town has a lot of individual businesses that sell all of those big box items, because there was no Big Box Brick and mortar Home Improvement store , just think about how many things a store like that carries and the shoppers that will go there instead of the faithfull individual run stores, it is what made falmouth Falmouth.

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