The select board is meeting tomorrow morning, January 15, to focus its attention on issues that require planning.

The chairman of the board said there is not adequate time in its regularly scheduled meetings, which are held every other Monday at 7 PM, to tackle some of the outstanding issues in town.

“We realized that our meetings were going until 11 PM, or later, and that was just not fair to the public,” select board chairman Douglas C. Brown said.

The board is looking for ways to be more effective and focus more of its time on its goals and policies, as recommended by the town’s charter committee, while performing its other duties. Its agendas are packed with public hearings, administrative actions, special event and wedding applications, liquor license applications, presentations from advisory committees, proclamations, announcements, discussion and votes on policies, and pressing town business.

Mr. Brown said the board will occasionally meet on Saturdays as needed, noting the only real opportunity the board has to discuss at length its priorities and planning is during its yearly strategic retreat held each summer, when it creates a five-year strategic plan.

“Once a year is just not enough. We need more time to discuss longer-range issues,” he said.

During the last retreat in August, the board identified several priority areas that were to some extent chosen because of the coronavirus pandemic and required adaptation of many municipal operations.

Health and public safety were the top priorities, with economic stability, community development, water and wastewater, organizational effectiveness, solid waste management and coastal resiliency among other topics listed.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes a discussion of the charter review committee recommendations on the functionality of town government, potential future large-scale infrastructure projects, short-term rental revenue allocation, putting together a board for FalmouthNet, and the report prepared by the coastal resiliency committee.

One future topic for the select board, beach committee and conservation commission could be beach nourishment.

The meeting begins at 8 AM and is expected to last three hours. It will be held in the select board meeting room in town hall and is open to the public.

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