Falmouth Board of Selectmen on Monday, May 20, upheld Police Captain Brian L. Reid’s determination that a pit bull that has a history of aggressive behavior should be euthanized.

That euthanization is set to happen this afternoon.

Kiwi, a 5-year-old pit bull, was being held by the town due to being involved in four incidents dating back to May 2018.

At the board’s meeting on May 6, owner Deborah Ewald of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, asked for time to have a veterinary biologist evaluate the dog and see if she could find a specialized trainer or rescue organization willing to take the dog. On Monday Ms. Ewald said Kiwi cannot be relocated.

“It really made a difference to us to have that expert come in and show us how precarious Kiwi’s existence is and how not viable it would be for him to be in a shelter,” Ms. Ewald said. “She also detailed many of the issues he has with being very difficult to manage, even with a lot of medication and a vet behaviorist right there.”

Kiwi is suffering from anxiety issues, she said. This is demonstrated by his biting of the kennel, a behavior that will continue if relocated to another shelter.

“It really isn’t viable for him to be placed... I think it is best we continue with the euthanasia,” she said.

Ms. Ewald arranged an appointment with her veterinarian to euthanize Kiwi.

“I would also like to request we have him for an hour beforehand to say goodbye and give him sort of a last meal,” she said.

Selectmen unanimously upheld Captain Reid’s determination to euthanize the dog, allowing Ms. Ewald to coordinate a supervised transfer of Kiwi from the town to her veterinarian at Falmouth Animal Hospital.

“You really have been amazing in trying to problem solve this situation,” selectmen chairman Susan L. Moran said. “Everyone appreciates this has been very difficult.”

Kiwi was involved in four incidents between May 2018 and February 2019, all requiring police intervention.

Last May, Sally Houghton of Sam Turner Road said Kiwi charged across the street and pinned her 30-pound border collie to her car. Kiwi also charged Ms. Houghton in June of last year, leaving her and her dogs trapped in a car. She also reported a third incident on February 16, when Kiwi charged across the street and attacked her 14-year-old Lab mix.

Captain Reid said Kiwi was also involved in an incident on Old Silver Beach on September 2, when he jumped out of a car and attacked other dogs in the parking lot. Kiwi bit a Wheaten terrier before being restrained by an off-duty state trooper.

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I will still carry Halt! when I walk my dog for the other crazy pit bulls that are still out there.


The correct decision.

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