The new Falmouth Senior Center should be substantially completed this month.

“We’re all basically on finishes, and it’s projected to be completed before the end of this month, substantially complete,” project manager Michael A. DelVecchio said at the Wednesday, November 6, senior center building committee meeting.

Substantially complete is not the same as finished; final completion is scheduled for December 22.

“You can occupy the building, but punch list activities will be going on,” Mr. DelVecchio said.

Project manager Daniel A. Pallotta of Project Planning Professionals said in the four weeks between substantial completion and completion, the town can install furniture and test the building’s audio-visual systems.

Committee chairman James A. Vieira said the furniture order is currently under review by town administration. The goal is to finalize the order “within a few days.”

“We’re expecting to get the furniture delivery the second week of December,” Mr. Vieira said. “Once we get the furniture order done, the other things we need to address, which is not included in the furniture order, were the small stuff, like some clocks and wastebaskets and trash cans.”

The town will also need to purchase equipment for the kitchen, including pots and pans, dishes and serving trays.

The committee approved five change orders totaling $18,583 Wednesday night. The largest expense was $9,128 for an overhead door to serve the multi-purpose room and kitchen. This includes the cost of installing the door, its wiring and carpentry work.

The committee also approved a $3,105 modular block wall at that patio. This wall addresses a difference in grading between the ramp and sidewalk.

“It was a cliff,” Mr. Pallotta said.

Because of this, Mr. DelVecchio said, any slope installed there would be too steep.

“We added a modular block wall to make the difference up,” he said. “It looks good.”

The committee also approved purchasing $4,747 in underlayment for the luxury vinyl tile within the building’s corridors.

“The carpet borders this LVT, which runs down the center of the corridor,” Mr. DelVecchio said. “The carpet has a certain thickness, and the LVT is thinner. This underlayment brings them up to the same level.”

This eliminates the need for transition strips in the hallway and removes a potential tripping hazard.

The other change orders were $498 to increase the patio fence height from three to five feet and $1,194 to install a light fixture in the conference room.

The committee discussed, but did not vote on, two other changes orders. They are considering a $47,851 bi-directional amplifier and $13,000 in sidewalk sealer.

Mr. Vieira said commercial code requires that first responder radios work within in the building.

“We did not have the necessary signal in the building,” he said, with the basement being a problem area.

A bi-directional amplifier will ensure these radios work.

“FYI, every building you put up here will fail, because the trunk system in this area is very antiquated,” Mr. DelVecchio said. “For structures you may want to put up in the future will need a BDA.”

Mr. DelVecchio also recommended using sealant for the building’s sidewalks. During the first two years after installation, the concrete sidewalks are still curing.

“It is not resistant to salt in those first two years,” he said. “After that, it is pretty durable.”

The sealant would help protect the sidewalk during those first two years. For $13,000, the town could seal 18,000 square feet of sidewalk.

If all known change orders are fully funded by the building committee, $28,783 would remain in the project’s contingency budget.

“We are still good on budget,” Mr. DelVecchio said. “We have money left.”

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