Elks Spaghetti Dinner — December 1, 2018

Shardell Newton (left) and Sheryl Barrett cook and serve at the Elks spaghetti dinner at the Falmouth Elks Lodge in 2018.

Falmouth Facilities Manager Shardell Newton gave notice of her retirement Wednesday, June 24.

She left an unaddressed letter in the town manager’s office, which Town Manager Julian M. Suso found on his desk.

“There was no conversation or prior notice, just a generic letter addressed to no one, not even a ‘to whom it may concern,’” he said. “There was no advance warning.”

Her direct supervisor is Town Engineer Peter M. McConarty. He could not be reached by press time.

According the letter, the effective date is July 31; however, she is no longer working and will be using vacation time until the official retirement date.

“It was a personal decision,” Ms. Newton said Wednesday in a phone call. When questioned about her decision to retire, she said, “I don’t want to talk bad about the town… I still live here.”

In the one paragraph letter, she writes: "In the last couple of months decisions have been made on issues involving decisions within my department that I have not been involved in and some of those decisions are now falling back on me to fix and therefore I feel I cannot serve the Town in the manner that they expect me to perform my job."

She started her career with the Town of Falmouth in 1983 and was promoted to the new position of facilities maintenance manager in the department of public works in 1995. She worked in several departments prior to her manager position including tax, building and water departments.

Her salary in 2019 was $106,608, according to the 2019 Falmouth Annual Report. The position was reclassified to salaried in 2016.

“I want to thank her for her many years of service and all work she has done for the town. We are most appreciative,” Mr. Suso said.

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