Brick Kiln Farm Bouquets

Bouquets available at Brick Kiln Farm Stand

Flowers were stolen recently from Brick Kiln Farm in Falmouth, where the owner uses the honor system to sell the bouquets and plants from outside her shop.

The owner, Teri Navickas, said that on Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19, all of the day lilies she placed outside for sale disappeared overnight, costing her more than $200. She is selling her perennial flowers grown on the premises for $5 a bunch.

“After the first night, I thought, maybe someone intends on bringing money later because this has not happened before and people have been so trustworthy,” Ms. Navickas said.

But then, when it happened again, she said she knew it was a blatant act.

“I felt like I was punched in the gut. We’ve been selling like this for 20 years, and now, during these hard COVID times, someone’s going to steal?” she said.

She took to Facebook to let friends of the business know what happened.

“I cannot believe the response. The post reached over 16,000 people, and many were offers to pay for the stolen flowers, but I said absolutely not. Times are tough for most of us right now,” she said.

But she did receive in the money slot $20 and a note that said, “Just paying for some $$$hole’s daylilies.”

Ms. Navickas thought she would turn the incident into something uplifting, so she took the $20 and is making a bouquet for someone who needs a lift in spirits. She asked friends to message her on Facebook with a name of a person who could use flowers to brighten his or her day. They are being delivered Friday, July 24.

But she is not done.

“I was flooded with messages and suggestions of people who wanted someone in their lives to receive flowers, so I am paying it forward,” she said.

Proceeds from the perennial bouquets Ms. Navickas sells  will go toward purchasing as many bouquets as they will buy for $5 a bunch. Volunteers will deliver them to the recipients.

“It’s crazy. I can’t make sense of what’s happened. But perhaps it was meant to happen. It turned into something bigger,” Ms. Navickas said.

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