Tammy Ribeiro-Suckoo and her husband found themselves in a difficult position last year. Thanks to the Falmouth Service Center and the Falmouth Public Schools, they have found a way out of it.

The couple, who had no children of their own, took custody of their grandnephew and two grandnieces, who had been living in New Bedford.

The problem was that to be granted full guardianship of the children—then 4, 6 and 10 years old—from the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families, they needed to have a residence with enough space for five people.

The landlord of their apartment on Main Street in Falmouth would not allow it.

After taking the landlord to court and finding no additional help from DCF, they still needed a larger and affordable place to live.

Ms. Ribeiro-Suckoo turned to Wendy Risko, school adjustment counselor at Mullen-Hall Elementary School, who connected the family with the Falmouth Service Center.

“We’ve helped the family with food and Thanksgiving and Christmas, and with some financial assistance,” said Kerin Delaney, the service center’s acting executive director. “We were able to give them $1,500 for the security deposit on their new apartment in Teaticket.”

“Without support from the schools and the service center, I don’t know what would have happened to us,” Ms. Ribeiro-Suckoo said. “There are the best people at the schools and the pantry, and the entire community of Falmouth is blessed to have people like them.”

Meeting with the school and the service center was the “hardest but most rewarding” decision she ever made, Ms. Ribeiro-Suckoo said.

The children—now 5, 7 and 11 years old—are students at Mullen-Hall and Morse Pond School.

“We have full guardianship of the kids until they turn 18, and they’re thriving,” she said. “Our oldest just took part in the ‘Shop with a Cop’ program with the Falmouth police at Morse Pond.”

* * *

The annual Enterprise Community Fund drive is underway.

Every dollar donated to the Enterprise Community Fund goes to the Service Center. A donation to the community fund is, in effect, a donation to the Service Center.

Donations may be made care of the Enterprise, 50 Depot Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540.

The following people or organizations have donated to the Community Fund so far this year:

Centerplate-Boston Culinary Group Deli Counter, aboard the Steamship Authority vessels Cape Cod, MA

The Falmouth Walk, Inc.

Alician V. Quinlan

Eric and Holly Sundquist

Caroline and Jim Lloyd

Falmouth Fiddlers Association

Betty Jameson

The Beckett Family

Frederica W. Valois

Dick and Carol Lyonnais

David and Phyllis Rubin

Joseph and Susan Netto

In memory of Joe Powers, from Mary Ellen Powers

In memory of Fran DeLucca, from Doug Macmillan


Edward DeWitt and Kathleen Mortenson

Robert G. Ripley Jr.

Debbie and Mike O’Neil


Carl and Elizabeth Ruggles

Peter and Susan Morrison

Hila Lyman

In memory of Louise Adler, from Laurinda Morway

Malcolm and Janice Dougherty

Stephanie and Leonard Miele

Doris Epstein

Bill and Cindy Dillon

Sheila and Bob Conroy

In honor of Brenda Swain, from Tom and Judy Stetson

In memory of J.C. “Willy” Williams, from Louise and David

Peter and Joan Boyer

Bill and Pie Smith

Edie Merriam

Brian and Rachel Switzer

Joanne and Ernest Holcomb

Karen and Douglas Karson

Dorothy Dennehy

Melinda Hall and Larry Pratt

The Moriartys: Dennis, Mary, Chris and Alexia, Kevin and Erin


In honor of Marge Noonan and Mary Ellen Powers, from Betty Craig

Carl and Jean Bowin

Deborah Siegal and Richard Payne

Russ and Joan Pelletier

In loving memory of Mary Miller Morse

Martha M. Asendorf

Ann Davis

From Deb and John

Rose and Lenny Matthews

In memory of Doug Riebesehl

Chip and Barbara Hannon

Barbara Varnot


Clarice Sullivan

Mary A. Lane

Stephen and Rosemary Fassett

George and Sandra Hussey

Kathryn A. Paine

In memory of Ginny Wrigley, from Les Wrigley

Rosemarie and Herbert McAdams

Tom Roberts—Gone but never forgotten, from Madeline and Dick Lopes

Ed and Betsey Jackson

In loving memory of Jackie Addison

Carolyn W. Rooney

Anne Dyer

Lynne Brown

David and Cathy Williamson

Ellen and Richard Sullivan

John and Debbie Netto

In memory of our parents, from Barbara and Bob Perry

In memory of Frank, from Carol Rattacasa

In place of local Christmas cards, from Louise and David Williams

The Oliveiras

Irene M. LeFort

Cathy and John Bearce

David and Dorothea Hosom

In memory of RBT, from CRA


Anne Downs

In honor of Brenda Swain, from Beth Traubert

Mary Bishop

In loving memory of Scott Orluskie, from Jan and Tom Orluskie

Dean Lundgren

Mary J. Edgar

Alan and Lynne Robinson

Roberta Cota

Linda Dalton

William and Elizabeth McKeon

Janice Goodell

Paul and Marilyn Dreyer


Roger and Mary Ann Gardzina

Vicky Cullen and John Waterbury

Jayne Bullock

Total as of December 10:


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